Hello dearest Gapers!

 First off, we have a total pro Gaper coming to you from Gore Mountain (NY). This tenacious Gaper is an inspiration to us all. The commitment of the Gape is astounding! This Gaper took off his skis, put them together (which we don't normally recommend), and then just SAT in the middle of the run. Who knows how long this pro made it? We can't do anything, but cheer. We made a video, because a photo just wouldn't do the unwavering Gaper justice.  

Wasn't that superb?

Next is a Gaper that follows the checklist. Jeans? Check. Late to the hill? Check. Skis put together wrong? Check. 

Gore Mountain (NY)

The last Gaper of the week shows some originality. He brings his poles with him everywhere he goes! He always leaves his Go Pro on! Great ideas. We love it.

Mountain Creek (NJ)

Mountain Creek (NJ)

written by the doppelgapers

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