East Coast Gapers of the tristate area, we salute you! You have just been doing a marvelous job not wearing your skis! Let's show you some caliber Gapers.

This considerate Mountain Creek (NJ) Gaper is carrying both pairs of skis so that her fellow Gaper can butt scoot. We love the butt scoot. It just doesn't get done enough. In fact, we declare this the Season of the Butt Scoot!

Next we have a dangerous move. The Gaper standoff. This is where the dominate Gaper takes off it's skis and refuses to move until the less important Gaper also takes off it's skis. This is tricky. You have to want it!

Belleayre- NY

Don't be sad west coast Gapers, we have not forgotten you! Below, this Sun Valley Gaper shows intense commitment. It sits in it's snow chair for hours after this picture was taken. It wouldn't even tell it's dad where it's skis were! We applaud you snow chair Gaper!

photo el squat

written by the doppelgapers

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