Welcome reader of words!

Elevated Locals explores two unique worlds by telling snow stories and documenting street art and graffiti. We showcase those who inspire us with their passion and dedication. Snow-sliding and street art are all about temporary lines. The line you ski may disappear today or tomorrow. The art thrown up today might never be seen again. A love so fleeting, so transitory inspires us.

Elevated Locals has an east coast team and a west coast team shredding every moment possible. We travel the land telling tales of the mountain as we are hired/hosted by resorts and publications. In exchange we give elevated content and promotion. 

Invite us, we love to come shred with you, and tell the tale of your mountainland. We thrive with our elevated family. Our friends who have joined us along the way are an essential part of Elevated Locals. We are a community. 

Well, we could go on and on, but these fingers aren't going to return themselves. 

Send us a hello below! Thanks for stopping by, and remember all snow is good snow.

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