Faces are cool. Face masks are better, but whatever.

rime elevated locals edit 700.jpg

Found this piece of woof woof in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

rime msk is off the hook - like all of the hooks -

pirate, fishing, hip-hop -

whatever hook you might find. He’s off it.

desa elevated locals edit 600.jpg

so they (being the government) built a playground right by the entrance to the BQE. Good job!

We have never seen a child there. Guess they just built it for desa. Lucky.

dface elevated locals oct 8 2018 pizza edit 600.jpg

This d-face wall really spoke to pizza when she ran into it in Montreal last week - ‘cause it’s her. Not skiing.

This massive Osgemeos mural is on 14th street in Manhattan. I took a bad photo of it for you!

bezt who gives a shit elevated locals edit 600.jpg

bezt makes me happy. Seen while stretching in a private parking lot in Queens.

greve_sienfeld elevated locals crop edit 600.jpg

This is from 10,000 years ago when veronica veronica used to live in the hood. Remember that?

greve giving us New York (Bushwick)

greve logan square chi elevated locals edit 700.jpg

Had to give you the double greve. Had to. Logan Square, Chicago like three years ago.

jaber white ninja elevated locals edit 600.jpg

Sometimes c-boogie tricks me and i end up in JC.

Then i see stuff like this jaber white ninja track life, and all is right.

(Jersey City - New Jersey)

marka27 pizza elevated locals edit 700.jpg

Got really excited when i saw this marka27 mural in Denver last February. i thought it was me, so i sent it to my mom - she was like, “no.” i was like, “oh.” (PC - pizza)

lister miami elevated locals edit 600.jpg

Also thought this lister in an alley was me, but like - it’s not.

(Miami - FL 2017)

grotesko elevated locals willyb jan 20 18 edit 700.jpg

ugh - it’s so good, like it’s gross it’s so good.


(Williamsburg - Brooklyn 01.18.2018)

all words and photos (except noted) by the grandma samoan

grandma samoan elevated locals edit 500.jpg

Now here are some words so the "eyes of google" can find us:

graffiti, bangers, fills, legal walls, vandalism, benching, wild style, burners, sloppy jalopy, trippy times, drippy times, fumes galore, getting up, all city, all country, all world, paint the world, no dumping

troll is life