Elevated Locals is a gateway (or portal) into two very devoted worlds. We tell snow stories and document street art and graffiti. We believe in the ongoing quest for the perfect run. We showcase those who inspire us with their passion and dedication. Snowboarding and graffiti are all about temporary lines. The line you ski today may disappear tomorrow. The art thrown up today may be gone tomorrow.  A love so fleeting, so temporary inspires us.

Elevated travels east and west telling stories of different ski resorts and locals. We feature places we have fallen in love with and scenes we never want to leave. The Elevated community is incredibly zealous. We explore, and revel in adventures. We are interested in the innovative, the courageous, and the raw.  These stories bring Elevated Locals to life and foster a community of support and respect.

The founder of Elevated Locals, Elisabeth Toft currently works in marketing and event management in NYC. She has worked with large clients (Nike, AMEX, Chanel, & Red Bull) while doing everything from hosting the Skybox for nine seasons at New York Fashion Week to driving a forklift at the Five Boro Bike Tour. She has been in numerous small production plays, internet shows, and skits. Born in Wyoming, and raised in Idaho she has over twenty years of snowboarding experience. 


People ask us to come write about things or places. We love that- love things and places. So, if you want us to come do a story about you or your things- just email us.

K- Good Job!