Rocking It Suckers Crew came out swinging for the Bushwick Collective - like bating cage piñata smash life.

Roll call:  giz  such  smog  miro  (hidden by the tree - deter)

Taken last weekend at the 2018 Bushwick Collective Block Party. miroizm has some pretty sweet drone shots of this wall on his instagram - way better than us #doingitwrong.

sarz slut vail oregon april 17 18 elevatedlocals.jpg

We came across this gem in Vail, Oregon on our way to Mt. Bachelor from Sun Valley in April. We see a lot of sarz in New York and New Jersey, so it was rad to bench this in the west. Plus - sarz is like, super funny.

smells mikey redhook elevatedlocals.JPG

 idled hands took this flick of smells 907 a couple of years ago in a toxic warehouse that gives you cancer through your shoes. We like to go to this establishment in Redhook, Brooklyn and eat things off the ground.

gemsi reykjavik aug 8 17 blankat elevatedlocals.jpg

flixer  &  gemsi shining bright in Reykjavik - Iceland.

 blankat took this last September after eating 97 pounds of smoked fish. 

claw money arthur amy bwck elevatedlocals.jpg

claw money  &  arthur did this for a Bushwick shorts movie last summer. 

 amy klein caught this in (yep) Bushwick, Brooklyn. 

hueso nyc elevated locals.jpg

i can't remember where this was - SOHO perhaps? 2016? Manhattan, definitely. i probably fell in the pit after taking this - stupid sad small brain. 

hueso on fire doe. 

bandoe philly elevated locals.jpg

This is graffiti pier in Philly last August. It's like church, but it doesn't make you hate yourself or fall asleep. i guess it's not like church, unless you like church, then it is.

mein 163 bushwick elevated locals.jpg

 i would eat this mein 163, so fresh and clean. (Bushwick, Brooklyn) 

clobs vowel LA elevated locals.jpg

Took a train from Santa Barbara to L.A. last September and came across this clobs & vowel.

Now that - is how you hit a fence.

marr (eurotrash) bush elevated locals.jpg

Ooooof we heart marr - so much going on here. eurotrash is fancy, fancy like påté on a princess.

(Bushwick - BK)


all photos and words (except noted) by the grandma samoan

the samoan grandma elevated locals

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