season 3

Sometimes i get to work from prison. i'm a prisoner on this show called Orange Is The New Black, it's like this internet show that you've probably never heard of. It tells the tales of the creatures that inhabit a particular female prison. Anyway, it's not like i do much, i stand places, stare at things, and sometimes walk places. It's the best when we do cafeteria scenes and i get to be a kitchen worker and wear fake crocs instead of boots.

season 2  (screenshot by demetra stacey)

 One time there were about 50 of us filming a caf. lunch scene (crew included) and one of the actresses (crazy eyes) was talking about a character in her stories with two penises. I was told to cross the room at this point. The scene was filmed from one angle, and then everything was flip flopped so they could film from the other side. Everything needed to be done in the same way. Before we began to film again the AD asked me when i got up during the scene, from across the room- to which i proudly yelled "Two penises- i get up for two penises."

season 3  (screenshot by virginia buechel)

I also get up for this:

mammoth 3/4/15  (filmed by el squat)