the giant again and again

the giant again and again

It started snowing early this season in Sun Valley - like not just in the morning, during the nights too. The samoan arrived on the eighth of December at noon wif time to hit it.

samomo south sloping sun valley

The haze set in as she got on the schedule and caught the fever. The giant finally arrived on the 13th. Lucky.

q south sloping sun valley

There were never not freshies.

high five south sloping sun valley

The sky alternated between snow and sun in the nicest way possible.

lean south sloping sun valley

They rode south slopes that hadn't been ready in years. Unreal- like when you continue to punch yourself in the face because you're too happy. 

Sometimes the samoan let the giant film her doing the same turn over and over. Best fake Christmas ever.

"They say i'm greedy, but i just want more." snoop (duh)