I didn't make it to Pomerelle last season when the lifts were running. Which is a bummer. I was raised on that hill and I do love it so. I get sucked into the Sun Valley vortex and I can't leave Baldy when I'm in Idaho. So, after Sun Valley closed- my dad and I filled the jeep up with snowshoes, skins, and the rest of our gear went to go hike the Pom.

Was pretty sure that the hike was going to be cake. So I told my dad I was probably going to get two laps in.

I'd been riding for three weeks straight. I was a machine.

Yeah, riding lifts like a fat boy or hiking for a couple of extra turns is a lot different than snowshoeing the whole hill. Here I am wheezing and sweating bawlz.


Then there was that one perfect run. All alone, my favorite line on the hill.
As I remember I begin to drool.
Here see for yourself.

Then Blankat picked me up and we headed to Snowbird.