Mark has been hosting an apr´es on the Upper East side for three seasons. He used to ride with hard boots and bindings and race, so he appreciates a properly waxed board.

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Here's the deal: Go to Bailey's Corner Pub (85th and York) at 2 AM- 4 AM on Saturday or Sunday morning, bring your board or skis and bring an old lift ticket. The lift ticket gets you a 2 for 1 drink special (for the whole ski season).
Then give Mark $25 and he will tune your board or skis and give you a PBR tall boy.

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Then get on the Emilos bus (85th and York) that goes to Hunter, Okemo, Mt. Snow, Stratton, or Windham. Or get on the Homage bus (86th and York) that goes to Hunter, Mt Snow, Okemo, or Stratton. Go to sleep, and wake up on the hill, and go ride your freshly waxed equipment.

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If you want a more traditional Aprés go to Bailey's on Tues. from 7 PM- 9PM. It's the same deal on Tues, but they also feed you. I had a banging pulled pork sandwich. I have also heard that they have a corned beef master in the house.


Mark is also a photographer. These lovely ladies are his. He shoots in the studio and in the snow. You can find him at Hunter ripping big turns.