for the homies

for the homies


Pour out the goodness for the homies. Nuthing but love for ya baby.

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This shirt is mega soft and 100% cotton. It says Elevated Locals and Pray 4 Snow on a regular men’s fit black T-shirt.

Shirt was designed by otto oleh and printed by Double G Designs aka gio the mayor of Grand St.

As usual - we have some bad photos for you to see, showing how shirt will look over-exposed, in a stack, and on the floor!

We do have to warn you about this beautiful shirt - it’s a mom magnet. Like, when a mom sees you walking down the street rocking "for the homies” they will crash their mini-van into a wall and jump out screaming like a fan girl. It’s unnerving the first time it happens, but then after that it will become strangely soothing. Plus you’ll get a juice box - so, points all around.