All Ride

All Ride


All things like to ride. “For what could be greater, than a day amongst the trays?” That quote is from the Bible. All creatures riding about created by don pedro, shirt designed by otto oleh. This shirt gives all the good vibes, and will make the angriest of trolls calm.

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We will never tell you how to wear something, but you could try this on your top half. This top is white with black lined creatures. We put our logo in green on the left sleeve, and it’s good for smelling. The shirt is a heavy cotton boxy fit T-shirt.

Here’s the size breakdown

S (length 28” width 18”)

M (length 29&1/4” width 20”)

L (length 30&1/4” width 22”)

XL (length 31&1/4” width 24”)

XXL (length 32&1/2” width 26”)

XXXL (length 33&1/2” width 28”)