20hateteen is over. Sob. Time to start again.

stikki montreal pizza elevated locals.jpg

Pizza took this in Montreal last October.

stikki peaches frida party.

camel elevated locals reach.jpg

Behold a beautiful picnic spot in Brooklyn.

camel goa & reach goa traveled all the way from Philly to share some sandwiches.


SLC alley elevated locals.jpg

i was wandering around SLC a couple of weeks ago, and found this in an alley.

d ϟ a radical joe soup.

So tasty.

say no werds elevated locals.jpg

Always a fan of this gentleman.

sayno no sleep werds

11.21.2018 SOHO perhaps, maybe BK - my brain is small.

JC elevated locals chi q.jpg

Chicago’s all-star

jc rivera

PC the giant 09.29.2018 Chicago

hacesus ideal elevated locals lic.jpg

This is where i go to pray.

hace with the day time show

01.12.2016 Queens

phobe elevated locals and turtle babies.jpg

i really like the idea of babies with turtle shells. Someone should have one.

phoebe new york

08.23.2017 Manhattan

bboy you go girl redhook elevated locals-2.jpg

This is in that famous club that gives you diseases through your shoes.

you go girl

10.30.2015 Brooklyn

fice gallery elevated locals.jpg

The hero disposal.

Behind the Fice Gallery.

09.22.2015 SLC

question everything bwck elevated locals.jpg

Always down for some good punctuation.

question it all

07.01.2016 Brooklyn

andre morbeck denver elevated locals.jpg

This is some mind delightfulness.

andre morbeck

02.01.2018 Denver


Good luck with it, and happy new year!

All words and photos (except noted) by grandma samomo

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