how & nosm bwck #3.JPG

how and nosm  (Williamsburg- BK)

pretty sure this is overunder  "easy come  easy go"  (Williamsburg- BK)

sculls & swoon- willyb.jpg

there's a ton of people here- but krsna and swoon are on the top right  (Williamsburg- BK)

werds  (SOHO- NYC)


dan witz  (Bushwick- BK)

faro  (Mountain Creek- NJ)

photo- Amy Klein  (Bushwick- BK)

dark clouds  &  keeley  (Gowanus- BK)

roa  (at the Wooster Collective)  Meatpacking- NYC

sheryo  &  mr. never satisfied  &  the yok (also looks like there's a lil nychos in there)
photo- mary toft (el squat)  Bushwick- BK