mike ma wins and wins and wins

mike ma wins and wins and wins

Giving Tuesday came and brought the rain. The sky was dumping water on Brooklyn like it was the coach that won the Superbowl. It was gnarly out, but thankfully our heads aren't namby-pambys. Cause that's a thing - you know. Being a namby-pamby, and it's the worst. 

Anyway, the night was rad. We raised some excellent funds for Chill NYC, and people won a ton of stuff. 


Thank you Lady Jays! Excellent party party place! Thanks for the extended happy hours, the bar donation, and letting us take over. 

Thanks to lennie for donating his 50/50 winnings. 

Thanks mike for donating the board sale to Chill.

Thanks dan for buying the board and donating the loot to Chill.

Thanks maddie for trading a cat hat for the board.

Thanks Season Pass Sales for donating the hats. (The cat hat almost caused a riot).

Thanks to Wi - ME Snowboards for donating the coaching session.

Thanks to Killington for the lift tickets. 

Thanks to Burton and Adidas for stuff!

Thanks to eryone for coming out, donating, and caring about the kids. See you on the hill!