the samoan doing weird arm - Bachelor 2/16  photo - the giant

the samoan doing weird arm - Bachelor 2/16  photo - the giant

Coalition Snow

It's the F*CK YEAH IT'S WINTER contest!!!!! Erytime we say that sentence to each other we end up jumping around, shaking it, and high-fiving the walls. Pretty sure you're doing it too. Anyway, this contest gives you a chance to win a snowboard or a pair of skis every week in November from Coalition Snow. Get it here.

Hunter (New York)

The 3X card is not exclusively for big boys. It's $149, and is good for three lift tickets. That's a little less than $50 a pop. Hunta styling. This card is available until 11/23/16.

Mount Snow (VT)

Stay and ski for $69. You need to bring a friendo to stay in your room and pay the same price. Even if your friendo makes you sleep in the closet it's still like you're riding for free

Mt. Bachelor (OR)

Leave it to Bachelor to come up with this waveyness. The Pure30 Pass is $599 for 30 days straight. Breaks down to around $20 a day. #noworkinginthewinter 

Ski Lake Tahoe

If you sign up for Ski Lake Tahoe's newsletter you are entered to win Tahoe lift tickets every month. We like to print out the newsletters to wallpaper cars! 

Ski Utah

Guess the dump! Another sentence we really enjoy screaming at each other. Alright, guess the date, the amount of the sky dump, and which Utah resort gets blessed first with over a foot. If you predict this storm correctly you win a flight to UT, three nights in a hotel bed, three days on snow, a car rental, skis or a snowboard, and an Outdoor subscription.

Tammarack (ID)

Season passes prices go up 11/15/16. Until then a season pass is $419. After seven days - you're skiing for free. (Lift tickets are $69). This season pass also comes with two night skiing passes for Bogus. Can I get a woof.

Warren Miller Tour

We love Warren Miller because we sleep in the parking lot at Sun Valley too! Can we live? Also, if you go to a screening of Here There & Everywhere you will probably get the lift tickets. Examples: NYC gets Sugarbush and Steamboat tickets. Tarrytown (NY) gets Sugarbush, Smugglers', Gore, and Steamboat tickets. Denver gets tickets to Eldora, Powderhorn, and Steamboat. They also get 2 for 1 or discounted tickets to Crested Butte, Winter Park, Monarch, Loveland, and Squaw. A movie ticket is less than a lift ticket - check out the screenings close to you.

Whistler (BC)

Now is a great time to plan your Whistler trip. It's $85 (USD) a day for a lift ticket and a hotel bed if you stay for five nights and ride four days. The longer you stay, the cheeper it gets. This deal is good until 11/15/16.

Whiteface, Gore, & Belleayre (NY)

The Ski3 season pass is still on sale until 11/11/16. It's $929 and you get to ride unlimited days at all resorts. That's pretty rad for a season pass. If you only got 20 days (because you donated your heart to a baby or something) it would be $46.45 a day. After the 11th the pass goes up to $1,039. If you just want to visit they have a $259 four-pack that is good at all the resorts. That breaks down to $64.75 a day.