(when E used to work for Red Bull- Brooklyn and she had a 7 can a day habit)

(when E used to work for Red Bull- Brooklyn and she had a 7 can a day habit)

Slopesoakers 2014 at Copper is going to have some crazy features that no one ever, never saw before. Have something you have been dreaming up and are dying to hit? The Red Bull/Copper Slopesoakers contest is giving away a round trip adventure to whoever designs the best feature, oh yeah. and they will build it for you!

Next year how about a trip to Aspen, Snowbird, Alta, Jackson, Mammoth, Whistler, Alpine Meadows, Squaw... The ultimate road trip, reason to visit some of the best terrain in North America, reason to schedule three weeks off in February now. $359 for the Mountain Collective  gets you two tickets to each resort and 50% off any additional ticket you buy all season.

These guys are giving away a bunch of gear that Mario Kappeli is rocking now a days. You need to read more and send an email. Sounds rough.

The East

$59 gets you on the hill this weekend at Killington with a 10% donation to the Life is Good Kids Foundation. They are also selling $179 spring passes, the Beast claims to be attempting a June 1st closing date this year

Tag #ridevermont and win a pair of tickets to Jay, I win this contest every year. You get to pick them up in a secret stash spot behind a building in Brattelboro. Enter Now!!

Tag #Skivermont to win a four pack of tickets, proving yet again the skiers have all the money.

New Hampshire does not believe in giving things away, but they have a ton of deals listed up on this site. Sure to save you a couple bucks if you can handle all the words.

Jim Shay is back with his crazy list of deals! WOOF!

The West

Park City is giving away a four night, five day trip for free. In a strange twist, you can win and skip going on the trip, instead opting for a total new ski or snowboard set-up.

If you make a short film of yourself Backpacking, you can win a trip to MT. This would most likely involve me breathing deeply, cursing under my breath, while shouting, "This is the Best Thing Ever!" You can win a trip to Montana to take more videos of yourself.

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me in my Marlboro onesie  -  Crazy Mountain Ranch- MT

me in my Marlboro onesie  -  Crazy Mountain Ranch- MT