veronica veronica at Hunter

veronica veronica at Hunter

Time to get in the car, roll down the windows, and trek up north for some killer deals. This week we concentrate on the East, where the ice is melting and the season is becoming an endangered species.
There is always time to go to Hood.

Ride the East

Spring time, fresh corn, goggle tans, and getting ugly early. All can be had at Hunter for a buck sixty nine starting today till the end of the season.

Hunter's evil twin, Mountain Creek decided a c-note was good enough for them to get you a spring pass for the rest of March.

Lime Ricky's have always taken a back seat to the crowd favorite, Sherley Temple. Total nonsense. Get green, go green, drink the Ricky juice at Mount Snow for St. Patrick's Day. 85 bangeneros gets you a lift ticket and bed to rest yo head.

Everybody is getting in the game, 100 bucks gets you a pass to Okemo for the rest of the year starting on March 17th.  Okemo is dedicated to stretching out the season for all those big money season pass holders, this could be the best deal on the page.

You can pay twice as much (200) and ride Killington for the rest of the year. Of coarse, if you are from the city you will have to drive by Okemo twice for 45 minutes each way. Rumor has it the Beast will try to make June 1st this year. Laps on Superstar all year!


T.Rice has upped the Horsepower for Firepower and to celebrate you can win his 2015 board. Ummm.....XC2 BTX...sounds like a designer drug.

5 Nights, 6 Days riding at Crested Butte, that is a trip for wicked. Win it. Come up with something witty for the caption contest. You brain will work. Make your brain work.

Win lift tickets or gear every week, forever and ever. Like via the book of face.

Not even sure how this works, you watch Juicy J videos and send Frank 151 emails and win tickets. Juicy J wants you to enter.

words by qthegiant

killington  (photo Amy Klein)

killington  (photo Amy Klein)