(looking down the valley- view from the bird)

(looking down the valley- view from the bird)

West Coast

Enter by the 31st for a chance to win an all expense paid trip out to Kirkwood to ride The Cirque and Thunder Bowl. You will go through a three day level one AIARE avalanche cert course and spend the rest of the time trying to stay alive. Facebook entry only.

 POW (Protect Our Winters) is giving away an amazing trip and a bunch o goodies. Catch a flight out to Brighton with full outfit of gear and a shiny new Black GoPro 3 just for clicking here and doing your part to keep the summer from ruining everything.

The Olympics, hmmm.. The Olympics. At least you can win a free set of skis or a board every single day of the Olympics, which means this contest lasts like 6 months. Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are the sponsors - enter here

The bird continues serving up some insane deals, like $119 hotel rooms with 2 lift tickets on Mondays and Tuesdays all season long.

Winter Park
Winter Park is having the Season of the Seven discount giveaway over the next month. The Park has slashed prices on hotel rooms and lift tickets. For Learn to Ski/Ride Month, they are giving away a lift ticket for every lesson purchased.

UT - the opposite of CO
Ski Utah has decided to do everything (other than your mom) to get you up to the hill this year. They have crazy deals for beginners who decide to finally use their brains and start skiing during January.

Something for the East Coast Grunts:

The Wild Honey Pie
Enter  to win a trip with the On the Mountain crew as they make magic up at Stratton starting tomorrow. Plans include filming a movie and drinking lots of vodka for free. The website is pretty slick with music links and all sorts of little boxes everywhere. Check em out

Warren Miller
Trade your name and personal info for a chance to save your life with a backpack and helmet.

words by @qthegiant