(Team milk bags: veronica veronica,

chestnut michele

, full-of-herself maria, noselfie me  & the giant

photo cred. veronica veronica)

Liftopia has a bunch of $29 Sunday afternoon Mount Snow lift ticket deals. So team milk bags headed up to VT last Sunday with our driver t

he giant

. Mount Snow is 215 miles away from Brooklyn. It takes about four hours each way if Maria doesn't drive into a ditch. It's much better when we have chauffeur giant because then


can focus on her REAL job. Instahaming every single moment of her life. 

(maria the elegant  photo cred- veronica veronica)

K- here comes the informative part.

Mount Snow is in the Green Mountain Range in southern VT on Mt. Pisgah. (Why the name change from Pisgah to Mount Snow? I definitely prefer Mt. PISGAH) The summit is 3,600' and the base is 1,900'.  It's the most accessible hill in VT from the city (NYC) and Boston- so it can get really crazy-town busy. But this year we've lucked out. It seems to rain every time we are there or the night before. That makes normal people not want to go snowboarding. Then the milkbags (and the giant) have the hill to themselves.


  • Mount Snow's saying is- "Everyday is a bluebird day." I'm thinking this is because their main lift (a sixer) is named the bluebird express. It tubes you with a translucent blue plastic shield. (the girls call it the womb) This might confuse you and make you think- "oh, it's a bluebird day"- but really bluebird means sunny and clear. (see sun valley) This lift can pretty much get you where ever you need to go on the hill so when it's brutal out there womb up. 
  • Mount Snow is a park hill. Carinthia is sickening. Pretty much any hit you can think of is there. (pipe isn't ready yet) It is full of children whose knees don't hurt.
  • Yuri teaches/works here. Yes, the same Yuri that inspired everyone in the world to become more PC and say "that's mad yuri" instead of saying "that's gay".
  • If the "snow" is blue- you aren't getting that turn in- try again at another time.


eronica veronica

in the womb)

It's pretty badass that team milkbags does not complain about the snow after the rain. Instead we discuss important worldwide issues like gay marriage and medical marijuana while we ride along the sheets of ice- intent on improving the world. 

As always, snowboarding reigns and perhaps we'll see you on the next $29 Sunday.

(veronica veronica dances)


  • there is a bus you can take that is painted like a cow that takes you from the hill to the town. it is called the MOOver (get it?)
  • Mount Snow has a (snow)boarding high school The Mount Snow Academy. Kelly Clark went there along with a bunch of people that i actually know.
  • They used to have a space age car that would take you from the Snow Lake Lodge over the lake to the hill. Which seems super rad, i couldn't find any pic.s on the internet- didn't look very hard.
  • Mount Snow uses castrol oil to lubracate the lift cables instead of petroleum based oil (earth points)

 (maria trying to out lady veronica veronica by riding with her fancy purse)

also while we are on the subject of insane women-

claire is a prisoner with me on Orange is the New Black

she's part of Hand Job Academy

check out Shark Week their

music video

it's pretty excellent

Shark Week


Meg Skaff




alright, well like the guy at the gas says to Maria.... "have a nice time in the bathroom!"

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