Last week I posted a forecast. It should have been a Red Cross symbol over the Ice Coast as conditions were BRUTAL. I consider it a hex and will not be mentioning the weather again. I have been steadily saying my nighttime prayers to Ullr and I really don't want to have to start using this as mouthwash again.


Vote for your favorite graphic on a deck this year and you can win a free board. You can also rep and artists via the comments section to enter. There have been 350 entries so you got a decent shot at this one

Now that Hugo Chavez can't send any heating oil to New York and Vermont, Ski For Heat has stepped in to raise cash for those in need. You register your squad, raise some cash, and head out to the hill on January 26th. Teams are ranked by vertical feet and cash money raised, let the giveaways begin! Jay Peak is offering a season pass for a $500 fundraiser. Yes, a $500 season pass to help someone stay warm this winter.

What was the last thing you spent a nickel on? For me it was a giant roll of toilet paper. Let's all take a moment and consider tossing five bucks in the Protect Our Winters coffee cup. They are out there fighting to keep the mountain culture alive and take on the Monty Burns evil empire. The 5 bucks will get you an entry into the best contest of the year. A trip to AK with tons of gear. It's probably more important then toilet paper.

Everyone loves getting mail until you reach about 19 and then it is nothing but credit card applications and Chinese food shop menus. is sending out creepy little stickers of a cat on a pair of skis. The idea behind this promo is you take a pic with the feline and win a cat skiing trip out to Red Mountain. If you missed it, Red Mountain has added a ton of terrain this year and shaping up to be one of the most killer resorts in North America.

The book of Face can help you win a free four day trip out to Aspen, Buttermilk, and Snowmass. Just like and you will be entered to win this exclusive trip.

Steamboat Springs has rolled out a new give away for this year. The Boat Load contest is giving away a grand prize 4 day all expense paid trip to the Steamboat. Monthly giveaways include GoPro's, skis, boards, and all sorts of hardgoods.

If your from 18-26 and live anywhere within driving distance of Mount Snow and Stratton this deal is pretty sweet. For $479 you get a full season pass to both resorts. They don't require you show the wallet full of expired college ID's from the last year's and act like you still read books.
Once upon a time, Ramzi returned from Vermont with a secret stash of Cabot cheese straight from the motherland. We promptly grabbed a case of poorly brewed lagers and decided to eat enough to make us both want to die. To make up for this attempted murder Cabot is giving away more than 200 lift tickets this year. You have to like things to win. 

If you don't know how to ski or ride, or both, now is the time. 34 states have deals to get you on the hill to do something with your life.

Brian Head Resort is having $25 Tuesday's for the rest of the season and they run a shuttle bus from Ceder City if you want to skip work and spend the extra cash on brew. 

Liz is voting for the new space case. she loves hers so much i don't even get to sleep in bed anymore- it's taken my place

words by qthegiant

Elisabeth Toft