(el squat's spread eagle on Limelight- Sun Valley)

Log into intstagram for the 12th time today and post some photos of yourself in 80's gear pulling 80's tricks to win some vintage Solomon gear (#salomonfreeskitv100). Rest easy knowing in 30 years you can enter this exact contest again. That triple McButttwist you have been working on will be as dated as the spread eagle.

It's not your contacts that are cloudy, scratched, and all fogged up. It's probably those 5 year old lenses on your goggles. The goggles that are strangely starting to smell like you wear them on your feet. It is never good to wear something on your head that smells like feet. Elevation Outdoors is giving away a sweet $300 gift card for goggles of your choice from the Sunglass Hut. Also, they are giving away a ton of other gear and have a mountain music playlist featuring sounds that will make you think of your grandpa, or your dog, or both.

Want to go to Russia? North Face is giving away a trip to the Motherland, to go to that thing that happens ever couple years. The Olympics. Enter. Win. Drink Budweiser in Russia. Make us proud.

Arkade magazine and LRG are giving away a $500 spending spree, if you can read Burrito's article and answer 5 questions. I know, reading and answering questions.... It's probably easier to just keep wearing those pants from six years ago, with the custom holes in the pockets.

Tired of looking out the window, waiting for Christmas to end so you can actually afford to go to the hill and not sleep in the backseat of your VW. Keystone has rooms for half-price straight through the holidays, saving you enough money to not shop at the dollar store for Christmas presents.

Cut out this little mountain Yeti and shoot some photos of yourself doing things others would consider "fun". Whoever has the most fun will win a 6 pack of tickets to the hill for the season.

Spend a week next summer snowboarding. What? Never Summer has decided to give away three insane trips this year including a week long summer trip to Copper. Yes, summer trip. All the 9 year olds will be pulling bigger tricks than you, but who cares? What do they know about life anyway, with their 80 million dollar trust funds?

If you can't afford a new deck, Never Summer is giving away anyone you want. All you have to do is enter the Scavenger Hunt on the website and record your crew completing a series of challenges. This requires meeting deadlines and a certain level of commitment, my guess...that 9 year old trust fund kid from Summer Camp wins.

words by The Giant
qthegiant (instaham)

Elisabeth Toft