(me baggin it in the rain- on the ganj- Killington)


If your like me, when you go see your family this Thursday, you will find yourself absently minded staring out the window dreaming of powder days. So, if you are going to do one thing after eating all that turkey and mashed, while listening to your family ask those same questions again for the 10th year in a row, head to Liftopia and score lift tickets at 75% off. Yes, 75% off. I promise this will be the best thing you do, unless your actually riding on Thanksgiving. Riding on Thankgiving, ummmmmmm......powder..... While you at it, check out Evo, everything in the outlet is marked up to 70% off.


Warren Miller Films is showing their latest flick giving away tons of lift tickets and prizes all over the world. If your fear of bedbugs keeps you out of movie theaters, you can enter their instaham contest to win a BC heli trip. Yeah, a BC heli trip for free.

Snowboard mag is giving away a completely ridiculous Smith optics package with goggles, helmets, and sunglasses. You need to enter by the end of this week, then the contest starts all over again, then it happens five more times this winter.

Freeskier gives away tons of gear. Gear that doesn't suck. Gear that if you won, you would wear for like five seasons. Telling all your heads over and over, that you won it because of me. They give away coats and pants that will keep you as dry as a wearing a plastic bag. Yes, a plastic bag.


Everyone secretly wants to take lessons. Admit it, you do. Lessons are just insanely expensive and there's that whole awkward booking a lesson thing. At Homewood, they have eliminated all of your excuses. Really, all you have to do is make it to the top of the Homewood lift by 11:30 and get a free lesson. So, you can play blackjack till 4 in the morning, take a four hour nap, eat breakfast,  drink three Bloody Mary's, and stagger over to the lift while congratulating yourself on being the smartest person on the hill.

The Mountain Sports Club has an amazing deal out to Big Sky. You can get five nights in the hotel and three days on the hill for $459. The trip is on for the first two weeks of January. If that is too expensive, you can go to Jackson Hole for a five night trip with a five day pass for 400 bucks. Seriously, 400 bucks. A five day pass alone is more than that at Jackson.

If you want to travel less and ride more, Salt Lake is the easiest ski destination commute in America. Visit Salt Lake, is making every deal a bit sweeter, by adding a free fourth night to all trips to Snowbird, Brighton, Solitude, and for the elitist among us, Alta. Just book through their website. 


Hunter Mountain is selling three lift tickets for $119 and you get a Big Lift Ticket Card which locks in low prices all year. The deal expires at the end of the month. They have a six person lift on the hill and a local named the Carvefather. Get it, like the Godfather, but with hardboots.
in case you were wondering, this is the advertisement that Hunter sends out via mail and interwebs for their Big Lift Ticket Card.
It's a picture of our dear friends gypsy and shaun (co-owner of Aegir Boardworks) after their joint lobotomy.

All words by Qthegiant

Elisabeth Toft