In February 2019 Elevated Locals transformed Mountain Creek’s South Lodge into the Southside Gallery.

46 pieces of work were displayed from 20 different artists. The show was curated by Grandma and Mastro and hung by Buildsy.

As you strolled into the South Lodge ready for the slopes - these are the pieces that helped you start your day.

Work from (left to right):

Laiks from Wroclaw, Poland, Brian Soliwoda, Vil Sayaphet, Dsense, Roycer,

RH DOAZ, Ariel Churnin, Emilio Florentine, & Such RIS.

As you refueled and refreshed yourself at the Kink Bar, here are the treats that fed your eye balls.

Work from

Idled Hands, Roycer, Dsense, Emilio Florentine, RH DOAZ, Vil Sayaphet,

Such RIS, Maddie Thompson, Charlie Green, Brian Soliwoda, Stavro, Lae,

Graffiti Lamp by Jonathan Neville, Thomas Buildmore, Ben Angotti, & Ariel Churnin

As you returned from your premier day on the hill to the lodge these pieces made everything right in the world.

Work from (left to right):

Such RIS, Primo1, Charlie Green, Ratchi, Ariel Churnin, Lae, Dsense,

Primo1, Laiks from Wroclaw, Poland, Primo1, Lae, Roycer, & Dsense

The Southside Gallery opening party was the same day as the Red Bull Parkway Open.

Mountain Creek Parks Crew put together a stellar New Jersey parkway themed course for the comp. It was wild - like a safari where they throw you out of the Rover after spraying you with meat bath.

filmed by @ohgoditstate Tyler Tate

Mountain Creek gave all of the Southside Gallery artists lift tickets, OvrRide gave our artists a ride from the city, and Grandma & the Giant gave everyone beers from their pockets. It was a grand affair.

Matty you are the bestest - thanks for making this happen. Thanks to the Mountain Creek Park Crew and Tyler for letting us steal your souls. Evan and Hugh - thank you for letting us have free reign. Thank you Mastro for the uniting. Thanks to Mr. Thomas Buildmore for bringing it all together. Dsense - thanks for the flyer magic. Thank you OvrRide for being so chill, and showing our artists another world. Thank you to The Giant for all the things.

Thank you to the artists!!!

(please contact the artist if you wish to purchase a piece)

Close ups!

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