stokedonice lightin the night

stokedonice lightin the night

This week the team traveled to Crotched, NH for Localz Wednesdaze for some moon powder. 

Nights aren't just for sucking blood - you can also do the snowboarding! In the 70's Crotched was renamed Bobcat for a short period - this inspired those in our story to act and talk like the comedian bobcat. It's really fun to do this, but it won't get you any new friends - and it will probably get you punched in the face. 

There was 13 inches of fresh! Fresh Price of Bell-Air that is. It was saturn's first time as a lady of the night riding. She held proper court. Crotched rode bigger than what the map showed the teams eyes. This pleased them very much.

Fun Facts

Crotched was also the site of the world's first wind farm. We like this - we like the world!

Crotched is part of the seven mountain Peaks Pass.

During the prime season Crotched has Midnight Madness - sometimes it's a block party, sometimes it's a concert, sometimes it's a bonfire. It's always craaaaazy. 

impulsive_snowboarder going under

impulsive_snowboarder going under

Thanks for giving us the good old fashioned night site Crotched!

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