two handing it - yuri yuri PC -  cody cody 

two handing it - yuri yuri PC -  cody cody 

This week in the east, winter came back from the Bermuda Triangle with a lot of conspiracy theories. Seriously, if we hear one more "The aliens did it, man", we'll puke. Anyway, last week the crew went to Stratton for Localz Wednesdaze before crazy-ass-winter came back to town.

Stratton was preparing for the VT Open, and the stoke was high. As usual, fans were just throwing five dollar coins at our team all day. Again, we like really appreciate it, but the coins kinda hurt - and it's a pretty weird thing to do. Nah mean?

So the VT Open mini pipe was totally the star of the day - signing autographs with diamond encrusted pencils. It was all like, I'm the blanket you carried around as a toddler - satin. 


Stratton has a church pass. Ride/ski all Sundays (but three) during the season for $229. Lift tickets are $105, so after three times - it's free bird. Also, throw in $50, and ride/ski the rest of this season. Halleujah.

The last weekend of March is Marchdigraw, Spring Fling, and the Pond Skim. Start planning your outfits. 

The Green Door Pub (at the base) is our favorite place to do the drinking of the mouth. Pete - the owner has a collection of old boards that will make you drool.

Stratton opened in 1961. 1961 looks the same when you turn it upside down - this is called a strobogrammatic number. Finger snap. 

42 Olympians have come out of the Stratton Mountain School.

In 1840 Stratton was the site of a nutso rally that 30,000 people attended. Hard core.

cody cody PC yuri yuri

cody cody PC yuri yuri

The team loves that Stratton feeling. Thanks for having us! 

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