ian again and again

ian again and again

Every Wednesday members of our east coast team travel New England, visiting the resorts of snow. Cars are mainly used for travel to the snow places, but there's been talk of a wheelbarrow.

Last week sunny, saturn, and the samoan found themselves in New Hampshire. The state that threatens you with their slogan (Live Free or Die). Which is pretty rad, but we don't understand who goes around killing people who don't live free. Is it a good job? How are the benefits? How free do you need to be?

granite gorge elevated locals

Anyway, the name of the game was Granite Gorge. It was a silky beach party out there, and the triple s gang was making robes. The trees gave them an excellent time in the early afternoon, and they definitely had the hill to themselves. 

sunny with those free heels 

sunny with those free heels 

Then, the gang lured their newest bestie into their van with candy. Candy makes you dandy. Introducing ian who is excellent at lighting things. 

He's been working at the GG for ten years, knows all the knows, and is the deliverer of this weeks fun facts. 

Fun Facts

There is night skiing at Granite Gorge, but you can also just go ride for two hours ($25). That's a sweet lunch break, or a forgot something at the store time.

A college pass is $99. Book smart indeed. 

Granite Gorge was Pinnacle Ski Area from the 1950s to the 1970s. Then it became a lost resort, closing in 1977 and fading out into Never Never Land. In 1999, two brothers came and totally Peter Panned the resort. Ding ding ding - Granite Gorge opened in 2003. Nice work Baybutt bros!

There is a monster truck/sled rally every year called Motor Mayhem. They say if you have an engine, you race. 

They have Cosmic Tubing on Sat. nights. There's a DJ, and only glow lights. (We at elevated locals aren't really into tubing, but we are into trippin out and pretending to be aliens - so we'll have to go to there)

 At the end of the day, ian took them to the puppy that was hidden for obvious reasons, and their heads exploded. Woof.

saturn pre head explosion 

saturn pre head explosion 

The gang had such an outstanding time at Granite Gorge - such an massively excellent chill hill.

We will return as soon as possible. Thanks for having us GG!