localz wednesdaze I elevated locals

On Wednesdays members of our east coast team will be traveling New England, visiting the  resorts of snow. We begin Localz Wednesdaze at Killington, Vermont with @stokedonice and @impulsive_snowboarder. Wednesday is their day off from #workingforthatsnow at Mount Snow. That means they snowboard more. Duh. 

Last Wednesday they didn't know of all the powder they would be riding this week. The forecast said rain, but when in Rome - you know.

Guess what? 

It's didn't rain. Take that idiot bossy phone.

Cody for the win! Killin-it-a-ton - elephant.

(That's probably going to be your next slogan - Killington. No worries. We got you.)

As always - snowboarding is the best, and a good day was had by all. 

Thanks for having us Beasty!