mad yuri  5/25/15

It was the 23rd day of May (which is the end of May) almost June even, but not quite. Everyone was nicely hung over with bad tasting mouths (moufs) when the giant, veronica veronica, and the samoan left Bucktown. They were headed to The Beast (Killington) who is known for inviting summer to play hide and seek and then "forgetting" to look for it after counting - leaving summer locked in the dryer for as long as possible. I heard that summer always falls for it. Killington is not that close to Brooklyn, but it is in the same country- America.

For their last weekend, Killington was able to keep one run open by using magic. That run is fittingly named Superstar and is under the Superstar lift in the Superstar county. Full blown check me out laps. It was bump-tastic out there, more moguls than at donald trump's quinceanera. Let me put it to you this way- you could definitely loose your razor scooter or a small tortoise in the troughs. Really, the stylin squad lost their clothes! 

Sunday was spent lapping it up with mad yurikelsey, and the stylin squad. The sun was shinning and the weather was sweet. There was a certain 100 yard endangered soul patch of snow in the middle of the run that was threatening extinction. Slushy swish splash. It was confirmed on May 24th, 2015 snowboarding was still the best, and beer drinking wasn't too bad either. veronica veronica sacrificed a love wreath to the gods and was then serenaded with flight of the concord songs by a rad bare nessesities band. Later, the Mount Snow cowboy larry and friends feed us jello shots in the parking lot. Big ups.

On Monday the sky was grey and rumors of rain kept many away. The samoan and local shred head tim put in some work before yuri, young thug, and craigslist arrived flashing ninja gang signs. The endangered soul patch was transformed into pure mud by noon and the samoan was the first to go down- penguin status. mad yuri made the call for the day- the objective was to ride on as little snow as possible. It was a noble mission which lead to mass hysterica. More rolling around in the mud ensued. Oink. Immeasurable amounts of dirt dog fun were had on this day.

What a massive adventure.

young thug  5/25/15

Nothing is better than bonus stoke surrounded by other hyped die hard snow junkies. Last weekend in Killington will now and forever be a thing. Woof. 

Thanks to kelsey for the hookup and the giant who is better than anyone else.