melissa's doppelgaper

melissa's doppelgaper

When you’ve been doing something for a while and you look back on the beginning- its always feels like “Wow, how is it possible that I even learned to do this?.”
Like, when I was learning to drive in New York  (vs potato country) and I used to slam Lil Mo into the windshield when I would stomp on the brake, thinking it was the clutch (in my defense I only learned how to drive on old jeeps).

Or, Like
 when I was in Miami and I tried to drive on an overpass bridge while it was going up.

 I only hit fruit trucks that don’t matter.
Learning is awesome.


Here are some more gory learning stories told by the lovely Melissa and Ryan Baker.


Melissa’s tale comes to us from Magic Mountain in the South Hills of Idaho. She and her friend Lauren rode the bus up to the hill alone, understanding that parents just get in the way.

 Lauren had skied most of her 14 years but was ready to make the switch and learn how to ride. It was not big deal really- Melissa was there to explain it all, snowboarding isn't hard, duh...
 They scoffed at the bunny hill and all those people on it, learning to do stuff- and in true gaper fashion took the lift to the top of the big bad hill.

After watching Lauren groom half of the hill on her heelside, Melissa could not longer take it.
She explained that a snowboard has two edges and Lauren needed to get off her heels and on to her toeside.
The solution?
They would hold hands and synchronize snowboard.

All Lauren had to do was turn around Melissa, facing the mountain on a new edge in a new direction, on a 25 degree slope.


Lauren- ate it.

Melissa in true teaching form- ran over her new student.
Leaving Lauren’s arm with a new tattoo, displaying the edge work of a properly made turn.


Next up we have Ryan Baker with

(when reading this story to yourself please make sure your voice breaks like a 13 year old boy, so you can get the full effect of Ryan’s voice)

This story is about my dad, 55 year old man, that I got on a snowboard a few years ago.

When talking my Dad into making the switch from skiing to snowboarding I was honestly worried the guy was going to kill himself.  Watching him ride, made me understand the fear parents have watching their kids doing thing that could possibly cause them bodily harm.

With that being said, I tried to talk him into getting a helmet, which he shrugged off, being the macho guy he is...

He picked up riding pretty well and somehow avoided injury in the process. After a pretty solid run, or rather plowing down on his heelside edge, Pops was at the base of the hill unstrapping ready for some apres ski drinks.

While unstrapping, his lace clip on his pants caught his binding when he lifted his foot up from the board.  This caused him to hop backwards a few times trying to catch his balance-  finally toppling over backwards.

  Luckily for him, a cement support was right there to cushion his head after his graceful ballerina type fall. 

Pops split his head open.

He luckily didn't require any stitches, just a few butterfly band-aids.

Moral of the story, no matter how big your balls or ego are, wear a helmet.

baker's doppelgaper

baker's doppelgaper