I have been seriously slacking on the snowboarding posts. Stupid forgetting brain. Here is the return of the snow stories.

Last January the Giant and I went to Jay Peak with Zims and Yuko.

                                                         photo  Zims78   

                                                         photo Zims78  

It was a little cold, like it was never above -5.
The East never really got any snow last year. Jay always gets the most snow in VT, because it's magic there. We got a little treat for our trip (16" was a big big deal last season).

We were there for four days.  
We stayed in the awesome houses of Shéady Acres

                                            photo-  Zims78

                                            photo- Zims78

Zims and Yuko stayed in The Tea House.

                                                        photo- Zims78

                                                        photo- Zims78

The Giant and I stayed in The Adobe. These houses are fantastic- built and operated by a true riding family. See more here

We rode the glades at Jay, staying away from the howling wind. Trees in the East can go fast, a little different from the West, where you pick your own line and float along. Here you bend your knees and take the crazy roller coaster bumps.

Zims seems to manage just fine......

                                                 photo- Zims78

                                                 photo- Zims78

Yuko- the silent killa

It's crazy to look at older pic.s of the Giant riding. By the end of last season he was killin' it- hitting cornices straight on an everyting. I see photos of footage like this and remember that it's only his third season. Man did he have a good teacher.

Well Jay, missing you terribly. We learned a lot and became better people.
not really........

zims down