"I went to go visit my brother in Jackson with dreams of being a pro snowboarder. I left wanting to be a dishwasher and ride the mountain everyday"

As some of you know- he's my total favorite and I have been known to stalk him in New York and Wyoming. Not really in a serial killer stalking manner, but more like a 16 year old girl stalking manner. You know; I talk about him like I know him calling him Jeremy instead of Mr. Jones, I ride after him in Targhee and then hide and giggle uncontrollably when he turns around, I make stuff with his hair. You know, normal stuff.

So (thanks to Yuko) I was there when Jeremy showed some pieces of his upcoming film "Further" and spoke at the Patagonia Store in SOHO.  We saw some beautiful footage from Japan and Wyoming. Jeremy talked about his experiences and how important it is to respect the mountain. "Further" is promised to be an extension of "Deeper". Massive mountains with little human contact. Split boards and skinning. Beautiful drool inducing lines.
I can't wait.

Jones Snowboards made a 154 and a 158 split board this year and women's split boards are on their way. Come on fatties- lets hike.

Thanks POW  partners Alomos for the wine (which enabled us to do this later). Alomos is giving away memberships to POW with a keyword to the first 1,000 people. I tried to sign up- but I couldn't figure it out (small brain problem).

Jeremy does a lot of stuff, a lot of quality stuff, so show your support.

photo- Amy Klein