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Hello hello, our most darling of Gapes!

We hope the new year finds you wandering and confused! Don't we all just crave a good getting lost time?

 What have we been doing with ourselves at the Dopplegaper headquarters? Well, this year we are really into step-in bindings, Fitbit battles, and kombucha enemas. We don't know how to use any of those things, but Siri told us we needed them. Siri is our everything.

Speaking of world wide knowledge - we have discovered a new epidemic! This is most serious for the Gape community. We must all find a way to infect ourselves, and truly embrace this new masterful outbreak.  


Now we aren't talking about taking a break after a proper wipe out, or pausing to be in the way of others as we so like to do. We are talking about a new way to take the gape further. It's almost scary how in your face this new gape movement is - it can make one wonder, "Are they dead?" or "Are their legs broken?" This bold gape maneuver says "We will not be ignored! We will take it lying down!" 

Take the example above, these gape artists are lying around at the top of Sun Valley - feet away from the lodge - but do they go inside? No! Instead, they even find a place next to the garbage can. Genius. Chillingly beautiful. 

Isn't this so exciting? Instead of going down the slope - lie at the top!

 We understand if you aren't ready for the full on demonstration. Here's another moderation, inside lying - but with your ski boots on - an excellent choice.

All of this lying can definitely be done with friends! 

Take the lying challenge! 

We leave you with one more, our personal favorite.

That pole just says it all.

lying gapes SV 6 edit X600.jpg

Now that you are exhilarated and inspired, we must go.

Like we always say -

Turn down your din and add a stomp pad to that!


The Dopplegapers

Gape the World

(pictures taken by someone who hates the internet)