Dearest Gapes!

We are ever so sorry we left you without the Gape tips for a whole year. We thought we were transported into a different dimension to save the world, but it turns out we just got dropped off at a nursing home.

We are so happy to be back!

Let's start the season off with a different take on the Gaper gap. Every Gaper knows how to bare the forehead, but what about the crack? Gaps everywhere should be encouraged - mouth breathers unite.

sun valley crack

sun valley crack

This next tip might be obvious to the seasoned Gape, but it's terribly important. We know it's hard when everyone is zooming around you on their shred sticks, but that's not what it's about! Remember to take off your equipment and just wander around in the middle of the run. You owe it to yourself.

Mt Bachelor all stars

Mt Bachelor all stars

This photo was proudly shared with us from the Gape twins of Sun Valley. We love everything about this. Languid lounging while being filmed by the helmet gopro. Excellent. Try this in the landing of a jump!

two lie sv edit.jpg

Ta ta for now - darlings.

We are off to turn down our din, and put stomp pads on everything!

Love The Doppelgapers.

Gape The World