Greetings Gapes! We come to you from sunny Mammoth, California. We were told that it never snows here- so we came for a vacation. Alas, it did snow, but don't worry we have been working hard to ruin all the powder. Remember gapers, we hate powder! Here are some excellent Gape moves from The Golden State. 

The move that shows that you mean business is the racer squat. This should be done on a flat cat track or a magic carpet. Push your butt out and stick your poles up like antennas. As always, anything Gape is best executed with an iridescent jumpsuit. 

If you feel like the racer squat is too flashy for you, try the gorilla gape. This can be done anywhere. You will not need your poles. Just hunch your shoulders forward while doing the pizza and let your hands hang. 

The next move is for the flamboyant Gape. Put on your darling little ski blades and practice ballet all over! This is best done in crowded areas.

Get out there and put your Gape moves on!

written by the doppelgapers

Gape The World!