Hello darling Gapes! We have been watching, and we see you all doing marvelous work. Now for this weeks tip- GET IT OFF!

 A true Gaper just gets it off. Take off those skis, take off your board, just get it off! 

If you are lost and need to look at the trail map

Snowbird (UT) 4/13

get that board off!

Need to have a life changing conversation in the middle of a run?

Snowbird (UT) 4/14

Get those skis off!

Wanna just ride the lift all day? Down and up?

Sun Valley (ID) 4/14

Take off those skis first!

We know this seems so simple, but sometimes it can just slip a Gaper's mind. This is our weekly challenge: We want to see each and every one of you gapes, out there- just getting it off.

written by the doppelgapers

Gape The World