The Doppelgapers have taken over this section of elevated locals. We will now be giving weekly Gaping tips; helping you be the best Gaper you can be. Remember everyone, always be in the way! Together we can Gape The World!

1st tip is brought to you by a fabulous Gaper at Belleayre (NY):

Hike the hill carrying your skis! 

Find a trail that is too hard for you. Give up and take your skis off. Hike up or down the hill. Take your time!

This next one is really exciting for us, long time Gaper Hilary Duff shows everyone that there's no need to put your skis on- just lie in the snow!

el squat's doppelgaper tries this move out at Pomerelle (ID). Success! 

taken by blankat

Finally make sure to always carry your skis with the tips down (shown here by this elegant Gore Mountain Gaper) You don't want to stab someone!

OK fellow Gapes. See you next week! Remember the landing of a jump is a great place to rest!