CHILL is an excellent organization that i volunteer for. We teach inner city kids how to snowboard and surf.  Recently one of the companies that i work for made a short video showcasing CHILL and me. Many people have already shared this video, but in case you haven't seen it- here it is:

Thanks so much everyone for your support towards CHILL and please keep it up!




Self proclaimed rock head, Gabriel Embler blew out of central Washington for Germany after high school. The plan was to soak in the Alps for a season, that season lasted three years.  Gabe initially landed a gig in a pizza shop working for AFRC. Noticing the need for a little nightlife while living with 400 coworkers in a renovated hospital building he opened a bar, The Loft, at the top of Garmisch, Germany and started making dreams come true.

turtle bowl

turtle bowl

Still hooked on high country living, Gabe returned stateside and settled in Ketchum, Idaho. Drawing inspiration from the Boulders, Pioneers, and Sawtooth mountain ranges he began to explore stone sculpturing. Scavenging stones from riverbeds to mountain peaks his work ranges from functional, practical works you need around the house to abstract pieces that I have been known to stare at for hours. (

woman and wine

woman and wine

The winter for Gabe is filled with Sun Valley laps and glasses of Guinness. Summer is filled with frisbee golf games and glasses of Guinness.  I made the mistake of bringing him Budweiser for the interview. (really, Small Brain Problem is a medical disease!) Some might call him a Hippie. If the frisbee golf playing wasn’t a tip off, he also follows Phish around the county.  Gabe knows how to stay elevated and can cut a mean rock.



Mark has been hosting an apr´es on the Upper East side for three seasons. He used to ride with hard boots and bindings and race, so he appreciates a properly waxed board.

mark scrapes p-tex t6 0 00 00-09.jpg

Here's the deal: Go to Bailey's Corner Pub (85th and York) at 2 AM- 4 AM on Saturday or Sunday morning, bring your board or skis and bring an old lift ticket. The lift ticket gets you a 2 for 1 drink special (for the whole ski season).
Then give Mark $25 and he will tune your board or skis and give you a PBR tall boy.

burning p-tex 0 00 03-04.jpg

Then get on the Emilos bus (85th and York) that goes to Hunter, Okemo, Mt. Snow, Stratton, or Windham. Or get on the Homage bus (86th and York) that goes to Hunter, Mt Snow, Okemo, or Stratton. Go to sleep, and wake up on the hill, and go ride your freshly waxed equipment.

pulled pork 0 00 00-25.jpg

If you want a more traditional Aprés go to Bailey's on Tues. from 7 PM- 9PM. It's the same deal on Tues, but they also feed you. I had a banging pulled pork sandwich. I have also heard that they have a corned beef master in the house.


Mark is also a photographer. These lovely ladies are his. He shoots in the studio and in the snow. You can find him at Hunter ripping big turns.


Introducing the O'Sheas


A truly Elevated Family.
Quinn, their 21 month old little girl runs the show. And then we have Shawna and Eamon. Shawna was raised in CO and learned to ride in Breck. Eamon was raised at Jay Peak; raced as a skier and then began riding in '93. They met at Winter Park in the cafeteria. It's a true ski bum love story. They spent some time in Whitefish, MT and then two phenomenal years in Jackson.In Jackson they ate off a ping pong table while games were played. They thoughtfully let off fireworks in the house as alarms for their roommates. The second year they spent at Jackson it snowed over 600".
In the summer they would go back to Montgomery, VT. They lived in a tree house on the land that is now Shéady Acres. While they lived in Vermont and Wyoming they built their house at Shéady Acres with the help of friends and family. The O'Sheas kept a stocked cooler of beer and an open tab at the local restaurant, The Belfry (they have banging scallops) to encourage their helpers.

Shéady Acres #1 0 00 05-11.jpg

Eamon is a builder who "got bored building vinyl shitbox houses, and wanted to build something creative, functional, and efficient."
Introducing Shéady Acres. Shéady Acres consists of five houses: The Sugar House (Vermont style), The Caribe (Caribbean bungalow), The Tea House (where we stayed! Japanese style), Irish Farm House (Irish without a thatched roof), and The Adobe ( Southwestern style). I heart the tea house.

Do not be deceived, Q is not bigger than the Tea House

Do not be deceived, Q is not bigger than the Tea House

Three of the units sleep two and two of the units sleep four. The least expensive time to stay is in Nov. And April. And the best deal works out if you stay 4-7 nights. Sometimes they will have home-brewed beer waiting for you (Eamon's best is his Obama brew) or sometimes they might give you cereal.
People are welcome to tune their equipment in the O'Shea's garage, but the O'Sheas' recommend First Trax- a local shop in Montgomery. That is if you need a tune in all that powder.

Obama brew

Obama brew

The O'Sheas play hockey- it's like a law when you live so close to Canada. Shawna plays in the first women's hockey league to play at the Jay Peak Ice Haus.
Eamon also designed and built a disc golf course on their property and in the summer they have crazy tournaments. He writes the variety show in the spring that is a fundraiser for the town. I've heard this is an insane event that should not be missed. The people of Montgomery are really what make Jay Peak such a magical place.

top of Jay looking at the way to Big Jay

top of Jay looking at the way to Big Jay

On our last day at Jay I watched wistfully as Shawna and Eamon began the hike for some epic turns on Big Jay. One might say, this family gets it.


Ryan grew up in Michigan riding a small local hill called Mt. Holiday. He's a freelance photographer. He edited this video and Yuko's video. He spends most of his time terrorizing the streets of Brooklyn with a lens and a deck.

He is known for his extremely swollen ankles...


Yuko grew up riding  Nagano, Gifu, and Niigata. She works for Burton which is where I met her. She also does Kendo, rides a track bike around Brooklyn, makes killer omelets and quiche, and loves nail polish. Sometimes she puts make-up on Ryan when he sleeps. (video- RZ)