headless snowman elevated locals


Is your nose always running? Our noses never run - that's like gross. Get it together. This is a shirt. It will help people not look at your face. Then you can wear sparkly make-up or a glitter glue stick instead of having eyebrows. Basically improving quality of life, this super soft light grey t-shirt is uni/tri/poly sex. That means it does it all the time. Lucky. el squat created the pitiful headless snowman. Then gio (the mayor of grand street) made the shirts appear out of thick air. 


da back

headless snowman elevated locals

mad yuri can also open doors



Carhartt insulated earflap caps

protect your neck

this one is black and tasty

brown is all about the earth

This hat helps you move it move it. We took some insulated ear flap Carhartt caps to the elves, and they put words on them with their toes. They only made a few because elves is lazy. Limited stock. What do the hats say? Buy me dinner - but don't talk to me! Give me candy - not that kind - go buy some Hichews! Your voice hurts my ears! It's a bossy hat, but that's what the ear flaps are for. Keep away from ferrets.



Do you like to do the leg kicking? Elevated Locals loves the leg kicking! We also made a shirt. Well - not like the weaving of cloth or sewing thing. sleeper squat carved the powder ghost with some letters that spell our name (we think) on a linoleum block. Then she made the carving go on the shirts with her mind. Here's a fun fact: If we made shirts for raccoons we would use garbage! The powder ghost is a creation from the mind of captain pop dukes toft aka don pedro. Warning - this shirt parties don't let it text after 5 PM.



Hallo! Elevated Locals found some elves that wanted to make things for us. Magic things. Limited edition things. We were like - cool and then they ate our brains.

It's made for head wearing - but we don't judge! MAKE WINTER GREAT AGAIN is stitched on the front with white thread by elves that live freely in Long Island. The cap is red like blood after it is spilled. The Elevated Locals logo is also embroidered on the left side of the hat. Velcro fastener in the back. One size fits all. Hat is magic, but very lazy.