party last day of Sun Valley's 2013 season at Apples

party last day of Sun Valley's 2013 season at Apples

It's the summer benefit party for Chill NYC. Now Chill helps kids learn how to surf too.
Come out to BK if you can. Good Wood contest- official jargon inserted below:
"TWEET 2 WIN"!!! FOR the next 7 days Good Wood NYC will be giving fans a chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate from their product line, given out at HDCN in 10 Days.
 1) Follow @GoodWoodNY and @Chill_NYC on Twitter
 2) RT ‪#‎HotDaysChillNights‬ @GoodWoodNY @Chill_NYC for your chance to win.
3) Winner announced Aug 22nd
 4) Come on Aug 24th & redeem your prize!

If you have lost your car, need a bike, and live in Breck.
Go to Seven's Restaurant, the T-Bar, and Park Ave. Pub at Breck and take out all of the other applicants for this drawing and put tons of pieces of paper with your name on them.
You will win a fancy Yeti mountain bike.

After 9/2/13 Epic pass prices go up. So if you don't know this pass is good at: Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, Canyons, Heavenly, Northstar, Kirkwood, Afton Alps, Mt. Brighton, Arapahoe Basin, and Eldora. Pretty insane that this pass is only $689. If lift tickets are $75 at any of these resorts (they are more) then you only go 10 times to break even. If you are a local it's only $529.

FRANK 151  & U-GOD
I keep asking people if they've heard the new U-God. Then they usually laugh at me and say isn't that dude in jail forever.
Anyway win a U-God shirt, new signed Keynote Speaker CD, and Keynote Speaker vinyl by tweeting or using the facebook.

If you are headed to Keystone next season and you book before 9/15/13 this link will help you save like 33% or something.

 i really love to yell the word chaco. it's pretty much my favorite.

Do you really want to see holograms of old dirty and easy e- while hanging out with a bunch of frat boys from upstate New York?

 Discounted pricing ends 9/2/13. Then all price passes go up, except the early/late (my pass) which can't be purchased after 11/27/13. The regular season pass is $1,649 (you could also buy a small child for this price). So, if tickets are $90 then it's 19 times to break even. After 9/2/13 that pass goes up $350. There is a new young person pass for people under 30 (the under 30 population of the Sun Valley area is about 2.2%) which is less than the 20 day- so that's def. the way to go for locals.

You should get this pass even if you are only going to Tahoe for a week. It's $389. You get to ride Heavenly every day and Northstar and Kirkwood everyday but Sat. Plus Squaw tickets can be found for super cheap. So if tickets are $93 (Northstar) it's 5 days until you break even. Plus you get half off tickets for your heads. Price goes up after 9/2/13.

In this contest you get to go to Montana and have a camping butler. I would like a subway butler.

CHILL kids learning to ride  last season at Mountain Creek

CHILL kids learning to ride  last season at Mountain Creek