Someone should pay you just to live your life, but until that happens, here are ways to save on snow.


taos 3/14/17 PC - the giant

taos 3/14/17 PC - the giant

Crotched Mountain (NH)

You may have heard of this crazy-town storm that hits the east tomorrow. Celebrate it with $29 Tuesday at Crotched. Tickets need to be bought before midnight tonight. Powder party. 

Hunter (NY)

$17 lift tickets at Hunta this St. Paddy's Day. Gotta get em online by 3/16/17

Killington (NY)

Nor'Beaster Spring Pass is $189 until 3/17/17, then it goes up $20. The Beast stays open till mid-May, so if you got 20 days in it would be $9.45 a ticket. Yasss. 

Mountain Collective

So we know - like eryone knows about this pass, but it's pretty tits. The Mountain Collective just added two resorts, but two resorts left to join The Epic Pass. The resorts added to the Collective are Sugarbush (VT which you know we adore) and Snowbasin (UT). The resorts that became part of Vail - Whistler (BC) and Stowe (VT). The Mountain Collective just went on sale for next season. It's $399. Here's what you get: 2 days at Aspen/Snowmass (CO), 2 days at Banff/Sunshine, 2 days at Jackson (WY), 2 days at Lake Louise (AB), 2 days at Mammoth (CA), 2 days at Revelstoke (BK), 2 days at Snowbasin (UT), 2 days at Snowbird (UT), 2 days at Squaw/Alpine (CA), 2 days at Sugarbush (VT), 2 days at Sun Valley (ID), 2 days at Taos (NM), & 2 days at Telluride (CO). They even throw in four days in the southern hemisphere at Coronet Peak/The Remarkables (NZ) and Thredbo (AU). At the moment the Mountain Collective is also giving you an extra day at a resort of your choice. With this pass, you break even after visiting two hills pretending that lift tickets are $100 a pop (most are more). If you've got a season pass at any of these places you get 50% off lift tickets when you visit other Mountain Collective resorts. Pretty sweet indeed.  

Phoenix Mountain (BC)

Lift tickets are $10 on Fridays in March. That is all. 

Schweitzer (ID)

It's $119 for Schweitzer's Spring Fling Pass, and it's good eryday till the end of this season. Lift tickets are $77, so you go twice and then you're riding for free. Whee. 

Sugarbush (VT)

With winter back, this Spring Pass is gonna be the bestest. The pass starts on 3/18/17, and is good until the end of the season. It's $199, so it would be $19.90 a day if you got ten days in Party. Speaking of parties, it's $17 for a Mt. Ellen lift ticket on Friday.

Taos (NM)

The Ridge-A-Thon is this Friday and Saturday (3/17/17 & 3/18/17) at Taos. It's the 21st year for this fundraiser. The money raised goes to support the Emergency Medicines Fund. There are three categories for participants: Extreme Ridge Challenger (hike to lines off Highline and West Basin - woof), Ridge-Raisers (hike once), and My Kinda Ridge (create your own challenge). Win a bunch of prizes, and feel oh so good about it

The Summit at Snoqualmie (WA)

The Spring Pass is $119, and is good for unlimited days until the end of the season. If you only went five times it would be $23.80 a day. 

West Mountain (NY)

West is having a party on St. Patrick's Day. It's $20 for a four hour ticket, and $17.99 for a Guinness corned beef/cabbage dinner. Plus - they'll have bagpipes. 


Big Sky 1/17 PC - CZ

Big Sky 1/17 PC - CZ

Happy try-not-to-be-a-giant-jerk-day! There are tons of $14 lift ticket V-day deals at many resorts today. We didn't get it together to tell you because we is Valentines Day grinches. Hope you're out getting it!

Big Sky (MT)

So for this one - you might have to call your boss and tell em that you broke your leg real bad  and can't leave your house for 16 days. Big Sky is selling an April pass for $179. It's good starting April 1st - April 16th. That's like $11.19 a day. I mean c'mon.

Hunter Mountain (NY)

This weekend is a holiday weekend. President's Day Weekend on the slopes usually requires selling organs on the black market. Hunta's giving it to you for $149. The President's Pass is good for three anytime days. That's like $50 a pop. Get em by Friday & bring your powdered wig. 

Jiminy Peak (MA)

On the 26th of February (Sunday) lift tickets are $51 during the day and $32 at twilight. Twilight is 3 PM - 10 PM. That's like $4.58 an hour. Better than fast food! Here's the coupon

Mount Sunapee (NH)

$37 lift tickets from 2/27/17 - 3/3/17. That's just excellent. 

SheShreds & Powder Mountain (UT)

Wednesday nights Sheshreds brings Ladies Night to Powmow. It's $15 to ride from 3 PM - 9 PM. Dudes make sure your drag game is strong. 

Skedaddle & Okemo (VT)

Skedaddle sure is fun to say! Also, get a round trip from Brooklyn to Okemo and a lift ticket for $80.32 for 2/18/17. As of now - only five spots left. Yesh please. 

Wallace Inn (ID)

Stay a night at the Wallace Inn for $139 and get two lift tickets for Lookout Pass. They give you beer too. 

Whaleback Mountain (NH)

You can still get a season pass for $110 if you live in Enfield, NH. Moving now. 


mad yuri @ Killington 5/24/16

mad yuri @ Killington 5/24/16

Boreal (CA)

Fridays are $15. Yep. From 9AM - 9PM. Unless it's Feel Good Fridays - then it's $25 ($5 goes to the High Fives Foundation).

Cooper (CO)

Cooper has 2 - for Tuesdays. Bring a friend and you both ski for $52. If you have no friends - craigslist is should work! (Remember we don't kill our ski partner.)

Crotched Mountain (NH)

Tuesdays are $29 if you get them before midnight on Monday. Yassssss

Granite Gorge (NH)

Party party on Saturday nights at Granite. It's $37 from 3PM - 8PM. That price includes rentals and tubing (whatever that is)

Killington (VT)

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are locals days. Lift tickets are $53 if you have a VT or NH ID. That's $52 off.  

No Boundaries - Ragged Mountain (NH)

This Saturday (1/28/17) ride Ragged for $52 instead of $79. $27 for shots!

Pomerelle (ID)

The Ladies Day program is $129 for four Tuesday lift tickets, four lunches, and four clinics. That's $32.25 per day. The samoan's mom used to let her ditch school to go to this one

Sugar Bowl (CA)

If you check where it's snowing everyday like we do - then you know. Tahoe is buired. It's non- stop woof nation out there. Get a three pack for $199 at Sugar Bowl (not good on Sat.). That's $66.33 a pop

Suicide 6 (VT)

It's $15 to ride Suicide 6 on Mondays (except 2/20/17). Uh, see you mondaze - duh. Win a two night stay at the Woodstock Inn by posting the best winter Woodstock photo on the Facebook, Ham, Twitters, or Pinterest with the tag #seasonllyWoodstock. Shower is not necessary

Whiteface (NY)

Lift tickets are $48 on Wednesdays if you bring a can of Coke. You can drink it first, but don't leave the spit sip. 


Plattekill (NY) 1/7/17

Plattekill (NY) 1/7/17

This week we are posting a lot of Tahoe, Taos, and NY deals. Soon we go to there. Party. We figured you would want to come along. Hit us up below if you wanna get up and shred. 

Beaver Mountain (UT)

Public Night is next Monday (1/23/17) at Ski The Beav. Lift tickets are $12. Rentals are $12 and never-ever lessons are $12. The price is right. 

Coalition Snow

It's demo time!!!! The Extreme Face Shots Tour is now. Come ride/ski the good good. If you already know what you want get 20% off with TOFT20.

Homewood (CA)

Unrestricted three packs are $198. That's $66 a pop. January is Learn to Ride and Ski month, and at Homewood you can learn for $59 Sunday - Friday. That includes a lesson, rentals, and a lift ticket (not valid holidays).  


This Thursday (1/19/17) is I Ski NY Discover NY Ski day. Lift tickets in the great state of New York are $12 or $24. If you wanted to have a Catskills party - Belleayre is $12, Hunta is $24, Plattekill is $24 and is on 1/20/17, and Windham is $24. There are also rental/lesson deals for the $25 or $35. A sweet day to learn and a sweet day to ride.  

Jackson Hole (WY)

If you've got a season pass from somewhere other than Jackson, lift tickets at Jackson are 40% off until the end of January. This is the Golden Ticket promotion. Augustus Gloop.

Mount Seymour (BC)

Shred for the Cause - The Locals Edition starts again at Mount Seymour this Monday night (1/23/17). Women's lift tickets are $10. $5 of this goes to The Bloom Group. Dudes can get lift tickets for $33. This party happens ever Monday night until 3/27/17.

Mt. Rose (NV)

Every Tuesday is Two 'Fer Tuesday. That means you can get two lift tickets for $115. Ladies get lift tickets for $29 on Thursdays. We like T days too

Squaw Valley/ Alpine Meadows (CA)

The Tahoe Super Pack is $369. You can use it anytime during the season at Squaw or Alpine. Ends up being $92.25 a day. That's a speeding ticket in NYC. If you are an active member of U.S. Armed forces your season pass is $25. Buck Buck. 

Taos (NM)

The Not Forgotten Outreach Week starts today and goes until Sunday (1/22/17). Active military, families, and veterans ride or ski for $30 a day, rentals are free, and lessons are discounted. That's a rad thank you


April bird pow - 4/16 @ Snowbird

April bird pow - 4/16 @ Snowbird

Colorado Ski Country & Crested Butte (CO - duh)

Food Pantry Donation Day is January 8th (Sunday). Bring three cans of non perishable foods to the hill, and get a $45 lift ticket. This food goes to families in need in Gunnison Valley. Good deeds = good turns

Hunter Mountain (NY)

If oleh's house is full - don't despair. You can stay and ride mid-week at Hunter for $109. A mid-week lift ticket is $70, so your room is $39. 

Mountain Playground Card

We just learned about this radness. This card supports independent resorts. Secret gem resorts. Here are the deals:

50% off all season at Arctic Valley (AK) - so $17.50 lift tickets

free lift tickets all season at Bald Mountain (ID) - which is NOT SV Baldy 

two for one lift tickets at Beartooth Basin (WY/MT) - summer shred sesh

33% off of Elk Ridge (AZ) tickets

throw five people in your car and the fifth person gets a free lift ticket at Hurricane Ridge (WA) - or if you split it five ways, each lift ticket would be $27.20.

50% off lift tickets at Mt. Abram (ME). $29.50

two for one lift tickets at Mt. Timothy (BC) 

two for one lift tickets at Phoenix Mountain (BC)

two for one night skiing at Snow King Mountain (WY)

The card is only $29. 15% of their sales go to SheJumps. There are a ton of other discounts from like-minded snow companies too - like Coalition Snow. We are buying like nine of these cards so we can stop feeling so basic because we've never been to any of these resorts. 

Protect Our Winters

This isn't an immediate snow deal - it's a future snow deal. Those of you on the Twitter please tweet #KeepParis to Donald Trump tomorrow. Here are the det.s

It's P.O.W day (UT) on 1/13/16 for Powder Mountain, Snowbird, and Sundance. Ride the bus to the hill - it's going to be a party

Ski Coupons  (Shawnee & Smuggler's Notch)

Ski coupons has two giveaways going on until 1/9/17. Win a pair of Shawnee (PA) lift tickets or a pair of lift tickets to Smuggler's Notch (VT). Yasss - we want all the lift tickets

Steven's Pass (WA)

This Friday (13th) is Military Appreciation Day. It's half off of lift tickets, rentals, and lessons. Get after it!

Stratton (VT)

24 Hours of Stratton is this weekend. It starts at 9 AM, and you can ride or ski for 24 hours in a row. All the money raised goes to Vermont children in poverty. There are vert contests for individuals and teams. Also fundraising contests. Sign up here.

Sunlight Mountain Resort (CO)

January 6th (Friday) is Skier Appreciation Day at Sunlight. Lift tickets are $20 (even for snowboarders) and the proceeds go to the local United Way. Fun fun fun


mike ma wins and wins and wins

mike ma wins and wins and wins

Giving Tuesday came and brought the rain. The sky was dumping water on Brooklyn like it was the coach that won the Superbowl. It was gnarly out, but thankfully our heads aren't namby-pambys. Cause that's a thing - you know. Being a namby-pamby, and it's the worst. 

Anyway, the night was rad. We raised some excellent funds for Chill NYC, and people won a ton of stuff. 


Thank you Lady Jays! Excellent party party place! Thanks for the extended happy hours, the bar donation, and letting us take over. 

Thanks to lennie for donating his 50/50 winnings. 

Thanks mike for donating the board sale to Chill.

Thanks dan for buying the board and donating the loot to Chill.

Thanks maddie for trading a cat hat for the board.

Thanks Season Pass Sales for donating the hats. (The cat hat almost caused a riot).

Thanks to Wi - ME Snowboards for donating the coaching session.

Thanks to Killington for the lift tickets. 

Thanks to Burton and Adidas for stuff!

Thanks to eryone for coming out, donating, and caring about the kids. See you on the hill!


Jackson last January - photo el squat

Jackson last January - photo el squat

Breckenridge (CO)

On The Snow is giving away a trip to Breck for five nights with another human person. This contest will also get you to Breck with airfare and shuttle. Yes please.

Bridger Bowl (MT)

The land of the cold smoke has a pretty sweet super-saver-lift-ticket deal. If you buy three days in a row, lift tickets are $48 each. It's just gotta be mid-week.

Coalition Snow

It's the final days of the F*CK YEAH IT'S WINTER CONTEST. Win a board or skis here. Coalition Snow makes women's boards and skis that don't suck. If you know the gods are against you in the land of winning, and you just need to buy some gear hit the samoan up below to talk shop.  (contact button at the bottom of site.) She is an ambassador at Coalition Snow & toft15 will give you 15% off at checkout.

Jackson Hole (WY)

If you simply must spend Christmas in Jackson, they've got a special for you. It's usually crazy expensive to spend Christmas at a resort, but this deal helps. Book a six-day vaca. on or before 12/23/16 and you'll get two days on the hill for free and $200 in air credit. Still pretty pricey - but if you must.

Loon (NH)

Loon is the big 5 0 this year. Good Job! Early season stay & ski packages start at $99 till 12/12/16. It's snowing right now. 

Shéady Acres (Jay Peak - VT)

A lot has happened at Jay lately. If you like, totally love the hill (c'mon woof), but don't wanna give money to the man anymore - give it to the O'Shea family! Shéady Acres is tits. They have five different themed cabins (like the Teahouse and the Adobe) and have discounted lift tickets for you. They have backcountry tips (if you're not an idiot) and sometimes they give you beer. Seriously, one of the raddest establishments in VT. (We did a story about them ages ago - check the archives) 

Steven's Pass (WA)

Nice four pack deal going on here - $149 for four lift tickets, good all season - with no blackouts. That's $37.25 a ticket. Yeah buddy!

Sugarbush (VT)

Working on your quads brah? This will help - Sugarbush's Quad Pack is $229. That's $57.25 a pop. This deal is only good during November, but can be used all season with no blackout dates. These tickets can also be shared with friendos. 

Tahoe Fund (CA & NV)

We post about this every year, but it's that time again. If you live in CA or NV you can have a license plate for powder. Awesome. When you buy this license plate they give you two lift tickets to a Tahoe resort of your choice. Plus the money goes to the California Tahoe Conservancy and the Nevada Department of State Lands. Do good and get stuff!

WI - ME Snowboards

We really like Mad Magazine. That's how we get most of our news. Does Wi-Me Snowboards have anything to do with Mad Magazine - probably not! But If you're going to buy a board - use Elevated17 for 35% off. (promo code good starting 11/22/16)


the samoan doing weird arm - Bachelor 2/16  photo - the giant

the samoan doing weird arm - Bachelor 2/16  photo - the giant

Coalition Snow

It's the F*CK YEAH IT'S WINTER contest!!!!! Erytime we say that sentence to each other we end up jumping around, shaking it, and high-fiving the walls. Pretty sure you're doing it too. Anyway, this contest gives you a chance to win a snowboard or a pair of skis every week in November from Coalition Snow. Get it here.

Hunter (New York)

The 3X card is not exclusively for big boys. It's $149, and is good for three lift tickets. That's a little less than $50 a pop. Hunta styling. This card is available until 11/23/16.

Mount Snow (VT)

Stay and ski for $69. You need to bring a friendo to stay in your room and pay the same price. Even if your friendo makes you sleep in the closet it's still like you're riding for free

Mt. Bachelor (OR)

Leave it to Bachelor to come up with this waveyness. The Pure30 Pass is $599 for 30 days straight. Breaks down to around $20 a day. #noworkinginthewinter 

Ski Lake Tahoe

If you sign up for Ski Lake Tahoe's newsletter you are entered to win Tahoe lift tickets every month. We like to print out the newsletters to wallpaper cars! 

Ski Utah

Guess the dump! Another sentence we really enjoy screaming at each other. Alright, guess the date, the amount of the sky dump, and which Utah resort gets blessed first with over a foot. If you predict this storm correctly you win a flight to UT, three nights in a hotel bed, three days on snow, a car rental, skis or a snowboard, and an Outdoor subscription.

Tammarack (ID)

Season passes prices go up 11/15/16. Until then a season pass is $419. After seven days - you're skiing for free. (Lift tickets are $69). This season pass also comes with two night skiing passes for Bogus. Can I get a woof.

Warren Miller Tour

We love Warren Miller because we sleep in the parking lot at Sun Valley too! Can we live? Also, if you go to a screening of Here There & Everywhere you will probably get the lift tickets. Examples: NYC gets Sugarbush and Steamboat tickets. Tarrytown (NY) gets Sugarbush, Smugglers', Gore, and Steamboat tickets. Denver gets tickets to Eldora, Powderhorn, and Steamboat. They also get 2 for 1 or discounted tickets to Crested Butte, Winter Park, Monarch, Loveland, and Squaw. A movie ticket is less than a lift ticket - check out the screenings close to you.

Whistler (BC)

Now is a great time to plan your Whistler trip. It's $85 (USD) a day for a lift ticket and a hotel bed if you stay for five nights and ride four days. The longer you stay, the cheeper it gets. This deal is good until 11/15/16.

Whiteface, Gore, & Belleayre (NY)

The Ski3 season pass is still on sale until 11/11/16. It's $929 and you get to ride unlimited days at all resorts. That's pretty rad for a season pass. If you only got 20 days (because you donated your heart to a baby or something) it would be $46.45 a day. After the 11th the pass goes up to $1,039. If you just want to visit they have a $259 four-pack that is good at all the resorts. That breaks down to $64.75 a day.  



On October 2nd elevated locals hosted a screening of The Fourth Phase at the Green Door Pub. We had sooooo much stuff to raffle. It was a stuff party - party of the stuff. Now stuff is great - but the cause was greater. The proceeds of the raffle went to Chill. People traveled from near and far to support Chill. It was super rad to have everyone show up on a rainy Sunday night. The movie was nice too. Here are some face photos with some stuff.


Thank you to pete for letting us do whatever to his bar, and for having us. Thank you to kristal for donating ALL of her 50/50 winnings to Chill. Thank you to toby, ali, and sunny for the set up and break down help. Thank you mikey and lil liz for the flicks, and driving all the ways from the city for us. Thank you to the giant for being the bestest. Thank you to virginia w/Otterbox, pete w/Invasion, Mount Snow, Burton, Adidas, stefan w/SwitchMag, and jesse w/Chill for donating all the marvelous stuff. Serious thank you to those of you who shared the event, and promoted the stoke. We adore you. 

Next party is in November in Brooklyn - stay tuned.......


the samoan @ Sugarbush 1/16

the samoan @ Sugarbush 1/16

Alright - it's getting closer. We just have to make it through the fall. Wish we could hibernate it. Hopefully these deals and contests will hold you over for another week.

Big Life Magazine  &  Jackson

This contest will send you to Jackson, let you stay there, give you Atomic skis, and then let you do the sliding on snow. Big Tings.

Killington (VT)

K tickets are for sale until 10/13/16. Unlimited K tickets are $66 (instead of $105), and are good all season. If you buy seven unlimited K tickets you get one for free. Midweek K tickets are $56, and have blackout dates. 

Level 1

At the end of the Level 1 Pleasure tour they will give away an Eagle Pass Heli trip. Enter and you could also win some Level 1 swag.


The discount powerhouse - Liftopia is trying to make your life the best ever. The Gear Locker Giveaway is pretty excellent. You could win: a Jones Mountain Twin, a Jones backpack with a shirt for your top half, $500 Liftopia gift card (WOOF!), $500 Evo gift card, a donation of $250 to POW, custom Wagner Skis package, discrete hats for your head, and US Ski Team gear. Here's the link, but maybe you want to take a nap instead. Leave this one for us.

Mt. Bachelor (OR)

Season passes go up after 9/30/16. Right now get 'em for $929. With lift tickets at $92 you only have to go 11 times before you're riding for free. After September 30th the pass goes up to $1,129.  &  Banff  &  Lake Louise is giving you four nights and three days of skiing with a friend at Banff & Lake Louise. Yes please.

Sugarbush (VT)

The Bush now has an early 30's pass! So exciting for those of us who had to go into hiding because a massively expensive season pass was bought instead of paying off student debt. This pass is $699. If you only get 20 days in you'll be paying $34.95 per day. Garnish away government.  

Telluride (CO)

You know how much I-70 sucks, right? Denver traffic is getting crazy (everybody move there - starting.... Now!) but wait - you can fly directly into Telluride. Yep. If you book a direct flight there you can stay and ski for $159 per night. Lift tickets are $85, so your room is $74. Donezo.

Wolf Creek (CO)

Wolf Creek is having a season pass sale until 10/2/16. The pass is 25% off at $742. With lift tickets at $66 you have 12 days before you are riding for free. After October 2nd an adult unrestricted pass is $927. 


Stay on that grind friendos. The snow will come. 


el squat at Breck (Epic Pass) 2/16

el squat at Breck (Epic Pass) 2/16

So we've like just been sitting around hating erythang, getting fat, and punching ourselves in the face all summer. It's pretty cool - pretty cool time.  

In three months hopefully the gods will open up the skies and dump that white white all over da place. It's hard to start planning when it's like 12,000 degrees, but you might need some time to sell all your neighbors stuff and do whatever degrading thing you have to do to save some loot. Also, passes and deals tend to be way less expensive this time of the year. So here are some ways to help you get after it next season:

The season pass

If you know that a resort is your joint - like it's the closest hill - or your favorite terrain and you know you can get at least 15 days at that place, you should get a season pass. Most passes are around $1,200, but with lift tickets $90 and above - a season pass will pay for itself before you know it. There are usually a couple of types of season passes: the one with all the bells and whistles (big money/ no blackout days/ any age), midweek pass (considerably cheaper with no weekends or holidays), college pass (usually super cheap - usually have to be a full time student), senior passes (basically no money/ lucky old people), and a kid's season pass (this pass is like a quarter of the price of an adult pass). Some resorts have young adult passes (cheaper/ under 30), family passes (entire family season packages), lift only (cheaper/ if there's a tram), military passes (cheaper with tickets for fam. too) & an early/late (good before Christmas and then mid March till closing). Most hills have a spring pass for a couple of hundred dollars starting mid-March till the end of season and most resorts also have a 20 or so day pass to be used on non-blackout days. This would be the best if you know you can't get on the hill much or are traveling until March - then you could get a 20 day pass and then buy the spring pass. Boom. 

Area passes

If you know you're only going to ride/ski one area - sometimes resorts in the same area have duel/triple passes. Here are some examples:

Cali4onia Pass

These guys aren't all close to each other, might be more of a multiple resort pass (see below). Unlimited days at four resorts on this pass. All Cali babies - Mammoth, June, Snow Summit, and Big Bear. There are three different Cali4onia passes. The premium pass is $949. It comes wif seven friendo tickets, early ups, resort discounts, and half off tickets at Mountain Collective resorts. Mammoth is usually open till end of May, so if you're an LA head this is a no brainer. 

Ski Big 3 (AB)

The Adult Big3 Season Pass is $1,604. If lift tickets were $80 a pop, you would only have to go 20 times before you were skiing/riding for free. This pass gives you unlimited days at Lake Louise, Mt. Norquay, and Sunshine Village. There is night skiing at Mt. Norquay in January and February, there are free shuttles from mountain to mountain, and half off lift tickets to all Mountain Collective resorts - a sweet way to ride Alberta. 

Ski 3 Pass (NY)

The Olympics are your jam, you live in NY, and you plan to hit the slopes more than nine times - this is your pass. The Adult Ski Three Season Pass is $799 until 8/12/16. Then the price goes up to $929. This pass gives you unlimited days at Whiteface (host of the 1980 Olympic Winter Games), Gore, and Belleayre. Get it before Friday!

The multiple resort pass

This is a sweet option that enables the pass holder to visit multiple resorts. More and more resorts have been doing this in the past couple of years. It's fun to tour around, and it helps with the chasing of the snow. Here are the one's we know about:

Epic Pass

This pass is probably the most well known. There are 13 different types of Epic Passes, so we're just going to talk about the big boy one. Right now it's $809 until 9/5/16. Unlimited days at: A-basin (CO), Afton Alps (MN), Beaver Creek (CO), Breckenridge (CO), Heavenly (CA), Keystone (CO), Kirkwood (CA), Mt. Brighton (MI), Northstar (CA), Park City (UT), Perisher (Australia), Wilmont (WI), & Vail (CO). This is a popular pass if you live in the Denver or Tahoe area. Check out all the different Epic Passes if you are visiting these areas for a week or more - sometimes it's less expensive to buy an Epic Pass than going with a resort deal. Vail Resorts usually stops selling this pass around Thanksgiving - gobble gobble. 

Max Pass

Five days at 26 resorts - that's 130 days if you can get it. Woof. Roll call: Alyeska (AK), Big Sky (MT), Blue Mountain (Ontario), Boreal Mountain (CA), Boyne Highland (MI), Boyne Mountain (MI), Brighton (UT), Buck Hill (MN), Copper Mountain (CO), Crystal Mountain (WA), Cypress Mountain (B.C.), Killington (VT), Lee Canyon Resort (NV), Loon Mountain (NH), Mont Tremblant (Quebec), Mt. Bachelor (OR), Pico Mountain (VT), Snowshoe (WV), Solitude (UT), Steamboat (CO), Stratton (VT), Sugarloaf (ME), Summit at Snoqualmie (WA), Sunday River (ME), Wachusett (MA), Winter Park (CO). The pass is $649 for adults. If something horrible happened, and you could only go 10 times - you would still just pay $65 per ticket. You could also buy this pass, quit your job, and go on tour. 

Mountain Collective

This collective has 17 resorts - Aspen (CO), Banff/Lake Louise/Sunshine (AB), Jackson (WY), Mammoth (CA), Queenstown/Coronet Peak/The Remarkables (NZ), Snowbird (UT), Squaw/Alpine (CA), Stowe (VT), Sun Valley (ID), Taos (NM), Thredbo (AU), Whister/Blackomb (BC). The pass comes with two lift tickets from each of the 12 resort/groups. After you use the two tickets it's half off at those resorts/groups. The preseason pass is already sold out - it was $375. They will release another pass soon that should be a little under $450. The giant got this pass last year and it worked out, even though he only used it at Sun Valley and Stowe. He got two free days at Sun Valley, and then paid 1/2 off for the next four days - later he got two free days at Stowe. If he was paying full price for those lift tickets it would have been around $960 for eight days - instead he paid $615 for the eight days and pass ($77 per day). If you have a fancy (the most expensive) season pass from any of the Mountain Collective resorts you get half off lift tickets at the other Collective resorts without buying a Mountain Collective. 

Peak Pass

All east coast goodness with this pass. There are five different kinds of Peak Passes - we will tell you about the money pass. The Explorer Peak Pass gives you unlimited days at Attitash (NH), Big Boulder (PA), Crotched (NH), Hunter (NY), Jack Frost (PA), Mount Snow (VT), and Wildcat (NH). This is a great pass for those of you that live in the city - Big Boulder/Jack Frost and Hunter are close to NYC, and on your way to your NH destinations you can stop at Mount Snow. Perfecto. The Explorer Pass is $799 until October 18th 2016 and super worth it - after eight days you're riding/skiing for free. 

Powder Alliance

This one isn't really a pass, it's a perk if you have a season pass from one of the resorts in the alliance. If you have a season pass from Angel Fire (NM), Arizona Bowl (AZ), Bridger (MT), China Peak (CA), Crested Butte (CO), Kiroro (Japan), Mountain High (CA), Ski Bowl Mt. Hood (OR), Schweitzer (ID), Sierra-At-Tahoe (CA), Silver Star (BC), Snow Basin (UT), Steven's Pass (WA), Timberline (OR), or Whitewater (BC) you automatically get three days at all the other resorts listed. You just show up at one of these resorts with your season pass and they give you lift tickets. So RAD.

Rocky Mountain Super Pass

If you live in CO and want to be different. You also know you're going to shred in Japan and New Zealand - lucky. This pass is for you. You get AK lift tickets too. There are eight different versions of this pass. The deluxe pass is $589. Unlimited days at Copper (CO), Eldora (CO), & Winter Park (CO). Seven days at Alts Bandai (Japan), Cardrona Alpine (NZ), Mt. Ruapehu (NZ), Nekoma (Japan), & Tomammu (Japan). Six days at Steamboat (CO). Three days at Alyeska (AK) and Crested Butte (CO). Tons of perks come with this pass - 20 friends and family discount tickets, discount lessons, discount lodging, and discount gear. 

Tahoe Super Pass

Squaw rules your world - we get it. The Gold Pass is $849. This gives you unlimited days at Squaw, unlimited days at Alpine, four days at Sierra, four days at Sugar Bowl, and half off tickets at all the Mountain Collective resorts. There are three other Tahoe Super Passes - they just slim them down a little to make them less expensive. If you go for the gold it's only nine days until it pays for itself.

Discount sites

Discount sites save lives. They usually have apps so you can look up a resort, look at a calendar, and get the least expensive tickets. We love these:

Liftopia - we love Liftopia. You can almost always get discounted lift tickets on this site (if the resort participates). The tickets need to be purchased 24 hours in advance. They have $29 days randomly (so cool/great reason to call out of work), they have contests, and they give out Liftopia credits. Get their app.

Ski Coupons - we have won lift tickets from here multiple times! They have contests all the time and discounts on their site too. 

Mountain Sports Club - it's around $25 to join this club and they have discounted lift tickets from the east and west.

Other ways

If all of these passes are too much loot and I'm making you depressed - don't steal your friend's pass, lock them in a closet, and change your face to look like theirs. There are more options:

Many resorts sell discounted four packs before the season starts (like Sugarbush). Just join the resort's newsletter and they'll let you know.

Other mountains (like Whistler) have incredible deals if you book early. You can usually find stay/ski packages for $120 a night and lift ticket.

In some places Costco has discounted lift tickets.

Check your local shop - resorts have local shop days with discounted lift tickets. 


This obviously can't be dealt with in one tiny paragraph, but take an avalanche course and go with those who know.  

Good Luck!

Hope this helps you on your way for a sickening season. Let us know in the comments if you have additional tips, deals, or ways around the monies. We will be in touch, as usual, with all the deals we find. Happy dreams of shredding. 



Killington 5/7/16

Killington 5/7/16

A-Basin (CO)

Sweet A-bae is still banging out the days. There are four lifts spinning including Zuma (woof). Lift tickets are around $50 if you buy them online in advance. They also have a $209 Spring Pass. They're tentative closing date is 6/5/16, if you could only go on the weekends and Memorial day using the Spring Pass it would be $41.80 per ticket. If you still need more convincing, check out our Legend of the Corn story.  

Killington (VT)

The Superstar Glacier is still serving bumps. This Friday - Sunday the party is on! If you have a season pass from somewhere else you get half off tickets (just remember your pass). Tickets are around $40 if you buy them online in advance. Here's our Dirt Dogging It story from closing weekend last year, and we will see you on Saturday!!!

Mammoth (CA)

There are six lifts open daily from 7:30 AM - 2 PM (including 23!). If you have a season pass from another resort lift tickets are $69. You can stay and ski for $119 per day/night. That's a room for $50. Mammoth also has a 25% off deal for Memorial Day Weekend. Rad.

Mt. Bachelor (OR)

Closing day at the volcano is 5/29/16. Until then, Bachelor is open from 8 AM - 1 PM daily with two lifts definitely operating and a possibility of the Summit chair running. Spring lift tickets are $69, so if you are going to ride more than three days you should still buy the Spring Season Pass for $199. Here's our Wavy Moon Times story from this Feb. Go get it!

OZ Snowboards

These ColoRado dudes are giving away a snowboard every month. Sign up here.

Snowbird (UT)

It's still snowing at The Bird. They are open this Friday - Monday. Tickets are around $40 if you buy them online in advance. It's going to be quite the affair.

Squaw (CA)

Squaw is just continuing it's killer season. They are open daily from 9 AM - 2:30 PM with six lifts running. They are set to close on 5/30/16 and lift tickets are $19 if you have a friend with a season pass or you have a season pass from another hill.  If you don't have friends or a pass your best bet is to buy a Tahoe Super 2 Pack for $139. Whoa - way harsh.

Timberline (OR)

These heads are almost always open with their magical glacier. It's $44 a lift ticket - be prepared to see a ton of pros.....

Whistler (BC)

Blackcomb is open until 5/30/16! Lift tickets are around $50 if you buy them online in advance. The resort plans on having two lifts spinning and they are running two lifts just to get you up there. Yasss.

It's #notovertillfatladyorcows - it's okay to be addicted!


Peak 6 - Breckenridge  2/23/16

Peak 6 - Breckenridge  2/23/16

Backcountry Basics & K2

Win a Joy Driver K2 Board and a Tracker2 avalanche beacon. Stay safe here.

Cali4nia Pass

Unlimited skiing at Mammoth, June Mountain, Big Bear, and Snow Summit is $699 until 4/4/16 then the pass for next season goes up $100. If you only went 20 times next season it would be $34.95 per day. Also, you get 50% lift tickets for friendos.

Epic Pass

The Epic Pass is $809 and it comes with six buddy tickets if you buy it before 4/10/16. This pass is for non-locals or cats that want unlimited erythang. This pass gives you non-stop days at (drumroll) Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, Park City, Heavenly, Northstar, Kirkwood, Wilmot, Afton Alps, Mt. Brighton, Perisher (2017 access) and Arapahoe Basin. Lift tickets are $100+ so after eight times this pass pays for itself. There are NO Blackout dates.  If you are a local and don't want ride on black out days with everyone and their mom, the Epic Local is for you. It's $609 and you get six buddy tickets if it's purchased before 4/10/16. Here's the deal with this pass - Unlimited, unrestricted skiing or riding at Breckenridge, Keystone, Wilmot, Afton Alps, Mt. Brighton and Arapahoe Basin with limited restrictions at Park City, Heavenly, Northstar & Kirkwood. Also includes a total of 10 days at Vail and Beaver Creek with holiday restrictions. You only need to go six times until you're skiing for free. Yeah buddy.

Jackson Hole (WY)

If you've been watching JHPowWow videos all day - or have a sister who is a Wyoming local, you know that it's been dumping. They've only got till 4/4/16, so Jackson's giving you $200 air credit and 50% off of lodging and lift tickets. Get some of that blower.

Killington (VT)

The Beast is still going, and the spring pass is $199. Lift tickets are around $50, so after four days you would be riding for free

Mount Snow (VT)

Are you like, really good at not getting up on time, or maybe sleeping through all of Saturday? Sunday afternoons at Mount Snow are $39 after noon. At least you're getting on the hill.

Red Mountain (BC)

Lift tickets are 40% off 3/25/16- 4/3/16. That's $38 (USD). Mega sweet.

Snowbird (UT)

There's a throwback contest on Sat. (3/26/16) and the winner gets a season pass for next year. You can also win a season pass with a selfie snowflake. Check it. Stay and ski for $99. Woof. They have plenty of snow with a foot and a half that just rolled in. This deal starts 4/3/16. See you there mid-April

Sugarbush (VT)

It got cold this week, and Sugarbush was able to blow. Thank goodness. They have a $199 Spring Pass - that's unlimited riding until the end of this season. If you only got four more days in- it would be $49.75 a day. Mt. Ellen lift tickets are $30 until Sunday (last day). If you have a season pass from another ski resort (like one that's already closed - ahem Catskills) then Sugarbush will give you a lift ticket for $62. Just show them your season pass. 

Vermont Vacation

This is a big one, win: two nights and four lift tickets to Sugarbush, a year subscription to Vermont Ski & Ride Magazine, a pair of Jskis, a Dakine pack, a room and dinner at Lareau Farm, and more (like syrup & chocolate). 


Alpine Meadows (CA) last Tuesday  photo- blankat

Alpine Meadows (CA) last Tuesday  photo- blankat

Hunter (NY)

So many resorts in the tri-state area (and PA) are closing during this week to keep the snow for next weekend, but Hunter is opening back up tomorrow with $39 midweek tickets if you buy in advance. See you there. 

Mammoth (CA)

Stay at Mammoth for half off during the week. I heard it's never going to stop snowing there.

Okemo (VT)

This Thursday (3/17/16) the Spring Skiesta Pass goes on sale. It's $109 to ride everyday until the end of the season. If you only got to ski four more times it would be $27.35 per day.

Plattekill (NY)

Next weekend is it for Plattekill. Lift tickets are $35. Sad.

Portrillo (Chile)

If you are in Vail or Jackson this weekend you could win a trip to Chile. Here are the det.s 

Revision Skis

Win a pair of skis and a cat skiing trip in BC and you get to bring a friend

Steamboat (CO)

The Springalicious pass is $119 until 3/21/16. It's good for three days during 4/1/16-4/10/16. That's like $40 a day! Their April Double Dip Pass is good for unlimited riding at Steamboat and Winter Park until the end of the season. It's $179, lift tickets are usually $149 so this pass pays for itself after only two times

Tahoe (CA & NV)

Sierra-at-Tahoe is selling a three pack for $198. That's $66 a day

Buy a Tahoe Super Pass and ride the rest of the season for free. The Gold Pass is $829, it gives you unlimited days at Squaw and Alpine plus four days at Sierra-at-Tahoe and four days at Sugarbowl. Lift tickets are $99, so after nine days you are skiing for free. The College Pass is $429 with unlimited days at Squaw and Alpine which might make it hard to stay in school. The prices go up 4/19/16.

Whistler (BC)

It's still dumping at Whistler and they have a sweet stay and ski deal going on. Four nights and three days is $87 (U.S) a night. So good. 

Wildcat (NH)

This Saturday is the AbilityPLUS Ski/Ride A-Thon at Wildcat. It's $75 to register ($35 for season pass holders). Raise money for soldiers while showing off your lap skills.



That epic Teton view - taken today at Targhee by el squat

That epic Teton view - taken today at Targhee by el squat

Breckenridge (CO)

It's 30% off of lodging this March and April for a super spring break party.


Freeskier is giving away a week at Windells. Travel is not included, but it's always good to head to the greenery of Oregon. Freeskier is also giving away a Nor'Beaster Sprin Pass pass to Killington. Ride from 3/18/16 until the last drop. You also win two nights of free lodging. Yeah.

Grand Targhee (WY)

This spring it's $103 for a lift ticket and a night at The Ghee. You just need to stay for four or more nights.

Peak Pass (NY, PA, VT, & NH)

There are a bunch of sweet passes to be had here. These passes are good at Attitash (NH), Big Boulder (PA), Crotched (NH), Hunter (NY), Jack Frost (PA),  Mount Snow (VT), and Wildcat (NH).  The Explorer pass is $599 and is for those over 30 and children over seven. You get unlimited days with zero blackouts. If you hate skiing during "holidays" and are any age the Ranger Pass is $499. If you aren't cursed with the age then the Drifter Pass is for you. It's $399 but you can't be older than 29. If you just want to ride during the week, try the Traveler's Pass it's $299 with blackouts. The pass prices go up after 4/30/16 so start saving.

Schweitzer (ID)

Stay and ski at Schweitzer for $39.67 per person! You need to stay for at least three nights  3/14/16- 4/10/16. Wow. Their spring pass is only $119. It starts 3/14/16 and goes till closing day. Lift tickets are $73 right now, so you only need to ski twice before you're skiing for free.

Snowbird (UT)

The spring passes are for sale at The Bird. One of the passes started 3/1/16 and is $499 until the end. If lift tickets were $70 a pop (they are actually $10-$20 more)  then you only need to go eight times before you're skiing for free. The other spring pass starts on 4/1/16  is $399 until the last day. If you rode ten times then it would only be $40 a ticket. So worth it.

Snowboard Magazine

Not to be outdone by Freeskier, Snowboard Magazine is giving away a week at Woodward Copper or Woodward Tahoe. This contest ends 3/9/16 at midnight.


Every Friday this month Volkl is giving away a pair of Mantra skis. Here you go. 

West Mountain (NY)

From now until the end of the season buy one lift ticket and get a lift ticket for free. Monday and Tuesday nights are $20 after 4 PM and Saturday nights are $25 after 4 PM. Get it.

Whiteface (NY)

Buy one get one free 3/13/16. Just download this coupon and keep your drawing PG. Next year's season passes are at their lowest until 4/29/16 - $759. If you only skied 15 times next year it would be $50 per ticket and you get to ride the rest of the season for free.



the samoan not in the park (Sun Valley) photo- the giant

the samoan not in the park (Sun Valley) photo- the giant

Banff & Lake Louise (AB)

Tag your Canadian Rocky photos and videos #SkiBig3 and be entered to win a luxury trip for two to Banff and Lake Louise. Word. 


Today is the last day you can buy next year's season pass with the best discounts for three Idaho resorts. 

Brundage's season pass is $349. Their daily lift tickets are $62, so after six times you are skiing for free. You also get to ski the rest of the season for free! 

Soldier's pass is $199. That's just rad

Tamarack's season pass is $299. If you only ride 20 times it's $14.95 a day. Plus they throw in two night skiing passes to Bogus. Whoa.

Jackson (WY)

Win a trip to Jackson for three nights and four days for two people. You will also get a $500 gift card from Huckberry, Woolrich, and United By Blue. This contest ends after today so head here.

Mt. Rose (NV)

Buy two Tuesday lift tickets for $104. That's $52 a piece. Also Ladies Day Thursday lift tickets are $29.

Okemo (VT)

If you are a VT or NH resident you can ride Sunday mornings (8:00 AM- 1:30 PM for $39 or Sunday afternoon (12:30 PM- 4 PM) for $34. You also get $44 Wednesdays (except 2/17/16). If you are a PA or NY resident lift tickets are $59 every Tuesday. CT and NJ residents get $59 lift tickets on Wednesdays and MA and RI residents have $59 Thursdays. Time to make some fake ID's

Potter Brothers

If you are looking to ski in NY or VT and you can't find a good discount check out the Potter Brothers' site. You can save at least $20 on each ticket. 

Plattekill (NY)

This Saturday (3/5/16), lift tickets are $12 and all the proceeds go to their volunteer Ski Patrol. On 3/4/16 lift tickets are $20 for the first 50 people.  

Snowbomb (Tahoe)

Snowbomb's Platinum Pass is $69 with promo code 'SPRINGBOMB'. This pass gets you a free lift ticket at Homewood, Mt. Rose, China Peak, and Bear Valley. You also get discounted lift tickets at Diamond Peak, Sugar Bowl, Sierra at Tahoe, Squaw, and Alpine Meadows. Sweet.  

Sugarbush (VT)

All Thursdays for the rest of the season except 2/18/16 are $30 at Mt. Ellen. Yasss. Plus, there's always a party when the day is done

Sun Valley (ID)

Tag all of your Sun Valley park pictures #GoProPark and #SunValley and you could win $1,000 and a season pass for next year. 


longest quad in da world- Sugarbush 1/28/16

longest quad in da world- Sugarbush 1/28/16

Breckenridge (CO)

Win a five night trip to Breck with a $600 snow allowance. They are picking three different winners! 

Frequency (The Snowboarder's Journal)

Frequency is giving away a one year subscription to their journal and a Gnu Swallow Tail Carver. Big fun to be had on the throwback. 

Frequency, The Ski Journal, and TGR

Frequency is also giving away a trip to Baldface (BC) with The Ski Journal, and TGR. It's a three day trip with a year subscription to either mag.

Ski Coupons

Enter to win lift tickets to Alyeska (AK), Mountain High (CA), Mt. Baldy (CA), Sugar Bowl, Powderhorn (CO), Steamboat (CO), Sunlight Resort (CO), Brundage (ID), Lutsen (MN), Waterville (NH), Taos (NM), Blue Mountain (PA), Shawnee (PA), Smugglers' Notch (VT), Devil's Head (WI), and Targhee (WY). Most of these contests end on 2/22/16 - so enter away.

Sugarbush (VT)

Get three days on Mt. Ellen for $89 (2/22/16- 3/1/16). That's like $30 a pop! 

Tahoe Fund

Buy a CA or NV Tahoe license plate and get two lift tickets to the Tahoe resort of your choice. The fees for these license plates go directly to environmental improvement projects. 

Tamarack (ID)

If you have a season pass to Tamarack bring a friend on 2/21/16 and their lift ticket will only be $25. They can also buy all the beer.

Taos (NM)

If you book four nights and four days at Taos you will get one night and one day free. Sweet.

Telluride (CO)

Tag your best Telluride pictures with #TrueTelluride and you could win a three night stay. Submit your photos here.

Wyoming Office of Tourism

Win a four day/ five night trip for two to Jackson. This vacation also comes with a limited edition Wyoming Trice Rice board that he signed. Might want to put that board on your wall.


the samoan at Sugarbush 1/29/16 photo- mad yuri 

the samoan at Sugarbush 1/29/16 photo- mad yuri 


Is your snow gear no longer waterproof? Is it covered with duck tape? Well Dakine wants to help you out by giving you Louif's kit. This kit includes a jacket, pants, a backpack, gloves, a beanie, a wax kit, and a stomp pad (for your mom).

Jay Peak (VT)

College week is 2/5/16- 2/7/16, Lift tickets are $50 (saving $25) for a day or $75 (saving $66) for two days. Just bring your valid college ID to the ticket window. Party. 

Mt. Bachelor (OR)

Superbowl Sunday lift tickets are only $50. You need to buy them here before Thursday (2/4/16) at midnight. 

Plattekill (NY)

This Friday lift tickets are $20 for the first 50 people. Rad.

Pomerelle (ID)

Wednesday night is 2Can Night. This means you can ride for $10 if you bring two cans of unexpired food or two packages of unexpired dry goods. The food will be donated to Helping Hands Mission.

Silver Mountain (ID)

Lift tickets are $29 tomorrow and Thursday. Friday (2/5/16) is Toyota day. If you drive a Toyota, Lexus, or Scion to the hill the Toyota rep will give you a free lift ticket. This Sunday is Ski and Surf day- get a half day lift ticket and a water park pass for $29. Get it Silver. 

Snowbird (UT)

You have until Sunday (2/7/2016) to win a trip for three days and three nights at the bird and you get to bring a friend. You could also win a Dynastar package and a Ski Magazine subscription. Bird is the word. 

Sugarbush (VT)

Superbowl Sunday lift tickets are $50. You don't need to dress up, just buy them 48 hours in advance.

Travel Oregon

Ride and surf in the same vacation. Win a trip to Timberline for two nights and a surf trip to Astoria's Cannery Pier. Travel Oregon has boards for you so you can travel light. 

Whiteface (NY)

Whiteface is letting you design your own coupon. You download the blank coupon and once you custom it to your liking it becomes valid for a buy 1 get 1 free lift ticket for 2/7/16, 3/13/16, or 4/3/16. They say inappropriate designs will not be accepted (no penises). Also if you share your design on the Facebook or Instaham and tag it #skitheface241 you will be entered to win a spring skiing fourpack.


Stratton's untracky (last season) photo- switchmag

Stratton's untracky (last season) photo- switchmag

Asymbol & Brainfarm

The production house Brainfarm and Asymbol are giving away art and bindings. Forrest Shearer is throwing in a Jones board. Tastiness.  

Bolton Valley (VT)

If you have a Subaru or a Hyundai you get a free lift ticket this Friday (1/29/16). You can also purchase 3 more lift tickets for half off. Just bring your car registration to Guest Services. Bolton Valley is also raising money for Girls On The Run. Lift tickets for 2/5/16 are only $29, but they must be purchased by 1/29/16.

Bridger Bowl (MT)

The Powderhound Package is four days and nights for $299. That's $75 a day/night. Lift tickets are $54, so that's $21 for a hotel room. Cold smoke fever. 


Thursday (1/28/16) is Discover NY Ski Day. Buy special New York lift tickets in advance (by Wednesday) for $12 or $25. Yessss.

Jackson (WY)

We've posted about this before, but the promotion is almost over. All season pass holders of other mountains can ride at Jackson for half off until the end of January. Woof.

Sierra at Tahoe (CA)

It's non stop powder days in Tahoe, but your friend wants to learn. Well drop off your never ever comrade and they can learn to ride or ski for $49. This includes a lesson, rental, and lift ticket for the bunny hill and is good until the end of January. 

Steamboat (CO)

The Champaign Powder® Package gives you 20% off of lodging and lift tickets. You will also receive $100 resort credit if you fly into Steamboat. Must reserve before 1/31/16. Motorboat. 

Stratton (VT)

It's the last week to take advantage of the January Midweek Special which saves you 50% on lodging. It's $215 to stay from Tuesday- Friday (1/26/16- 1/29/16) for two people. That's $36 per night per person. Stratton also has a four pack for those that are bad at getting out of bed. It's $129 for four half day lift tickets (starting at noon and not good on Sat.) That's $32.25 a pop.

Warren Miller

Warren Miller Entertainment is giving away a season pass for this season. You can win a pass to Q Burke (VT), Wachusett Mountain (MA), Sunrise Park (AZ), or Monarch (CO). Contest ends 2/1/16. 

Wolf Creek (CO)

This Wednesday (1/27/16) is Local Appreciation Day. Lift tickets are $43 (saving $22) with no ID required. Pow town.


hike to Baldy and el squat far out chasing the dragon (Snowbird 4/15)

hike to Baldy and el squat far out chasing the dragon (Snowbird 4/15)

Banff & Lake Louise (AB)  

This one is a banger. Win seven nights and five days on these hills, your lift tickets will be good at Mt. Norquay, Lake Louise, and Sunshine. Flights, rentals, and a three days of lessons are also included. You get to bring a friend so, choose wisely.  

Bromley (VT)

Stay and ski at Bromley midweek for $79.50 a person (Sunday-Thursday). Weekends are $112 per person. Pray for snow.

Catamount (NY)

$20 lift tickets every Monday and Thursday (except holidays). Sweet.  It's also $45 per person to stay and ski midweek. Call here.

Discrete  &  POW (Protect Our Winters)

At this contest you can win a Jones board, Salomon skis, a Liftopia and Backcountry gift certificate, POW goggles, Discrete gear, a fancy watch, and more. Yes to all of this.

Schweitzer (ID)

Starting 1/20/16 at midnight Schweitzer is selling three no blackout lift tickets for $168 (plus tax). That's $56 a ticket, saving you $17. The sale is only good for 24 hours, so set your alarms.

Ski Vermont (VT)

January is Learn to Ski & Snowboard month, and Ski Vermont wants to help you out. First timer one day packages are only $49 (including rentals, lesson, and bunny hill access). There are 13 participating resorts- book one here. Get three beginner packages for $129 and you can mix it up at these ten participating resorts

Smugglers' Notch (VT)

Stay and ride for $129 a day with the Base Package ($64.50 per night and $64.50 for a lift ticket). They also have a pool.

Sun Valley (ID)

Sunday (1/24/16) is Ski For Air Service Day. Lift tickets are only $40. They sell out, so go ahead and call here for your ticket. 

Snowbird (UT)

The midweek Stay and Ski deal is $139 per night. Lift tickets are $98, so your room is $41. This deal is good until 3/31/16 Sunday - Thursday. Get the hill to yourself. 

Tamarack (ID)

Here's another midweek Stay and Ride deal. It's $115 per person midweek (Sunday- Thursday). Way better than staying on a friend's floor.