At the moment I am in this massive, casino-like hotel in Whorelando while the giant is in some surgery conference learning stuff. I return to work, after taking a month off to snowboard on Monday. So, I thought I would get my brain back into work mode by going over past notes that I wrote during meetings. Please excuse the bad spelling.

I just discovered that my head is a cantaloupe.


Carl felt very secure on stilts. He wasn't quite sure about running though.....

Missy's Paper
Lies I tell for no reason.
I can crunk.
A scooter is a motorcycle.
It's supposed to look like that.
I'm really into dogs.

She can see with her knees..... not really a skill.

You can tell- that's one bad apple.

When he was young he believed he could be Harry Potter...... But the scar was all wrong.

The knife bracelet seemed to stab Angel more than she anticipated.