Below is the forecast map for the weekend, there are some purple spots near where I like to ride and not a lot else. The word is if you are going somewhere it has snowed this year, it should continue. If you are going somewhere that it has not snowed, your going to need some more p-tex.  The Northeast will be warm and wet on Saturday with a good chance of snow up north. The west is looking pretty calm with midweek dumps in the Wasatch and across Wyoming/Montana. It is crazy cold in the rest of the US of A. Forecasts don't really matter unless you only ride on powder days.  Check out more here


Go ride at Granite Gorge on Wednesdays for $20 bucks, take a day off and rip it up on this locals hill.

Okemo is having a last minute deal for this weekend. They have marked down hotel and lift tickets by more than 30% and are sweetening the pot with free tickets on Friday afternoon and a $25 dollar gift card for waffles.

Killington is matching Okemo with the snowblind deal. You book a hotel and add all the tickets you need and decide if you want to stay in a comode or a palace. The Killington website takes your money and then let's you know where you will be laying your head for the weekend. Check it out, you should have enough cash to go to the Pickle Barrel and buy shots for mountain skanks.

We bought a bunch of $29 lift tickets on Liftopia for Sunday from 12pm to 4pm. You got to get it when you can,  Come ride.....

Some people love to go to Jackson, only Jackson. Few are aware of Jackson Hole's little mean bro up the road, who gets more snow and has some of the biggest cliffs ever dropped (TGR) in North America. Targee has a deal for $65 a person with lift tickets to stay on the hill, probably less than half of what you will pay to stay at Jackson. Be forewarned, Targhee has no nightlife just a couple of on the hill bars- but that powder will make you forget about the drinks.

Snowbird, oh Snowbird. They are currently running some crazy deals for the entire winter. You can get a room on the hill with tickets for two for 158 dollars a night basically for the entire season. Check out the site for all the details. 

Win Free STUFF
I have seen some of your crashes and for sure they match the ones that are winning Giro helmets and goggles on the site. So check it out and send all submissions to (must be hosted on vimeo or youtube)

Every week Idaho tourism is giving away free trips, tickets, and gear. Win stuff, now!

 (me at the bird with no legs two weeks ago)

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