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(looking down the valley- view from the bird)

West Coast


Enter by the 31st for a chance to win an all expense paid trip out to Kirkwood to ride The Cirque and Thunder Bowl. You will go through a three day level one AIARE avalanche cert course and spend the rest of the time trying to stay alive.

Facebook entry only.


 POW (

Protect Our Winters

) is giving away an amazing trip and a bunch o goodies. Catch a flight out to Brighton with full outfit of gear and a shiny new Black GoPro 3 just for clicking


 and doing your part to keep the summer from ruining everything.


The Olympics, hmmm.. The Olympics. At least you can win a free set of skis or a board every single day of the Olympics, which means this contest lasts like 6 months. Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are the sponsors - 

enter here


The bird continues serving up some insane deals, like $119 hotel rooms with 2 lift tickets on Mondays and Tuesdays

all season long. 

Winter Park

Winter Park is having the Season of the Seven discount giveaway over the next month. The Park has slashed prices on hotel rooms and lift tickets. For Learn to Ski/Ride Month, they are giving away a lift ticket for every lesson 


UT - the opposite of CO

Ski Utah has decided to do everything (other than your mom) to get you up to the hill this year. They have crazy deals for beginners who decide to finally use their brains and start skiing during 


Something for the East Coast Grunts:

The Wild Honey Pie

Enter  to win a trip with the On the Mountain crew as they make magic up at Stratton starting tomorrow. Plans include filming a movie and drinking lots of vodka for free. The website is pretty slick with music links and all sorts of little boxes everywhere.

Check em out

Warren Miller

Trade your name and personal info

for a chance to save your life with a backpack and helmet.

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(Team milk bags: veronica veronica,

chestnut michele

, full-of-herself maria, noselfie me  & the giant

photo cred. veronica veronica)

Liftopia has a bunch of $29 Sunday afternoon Mount Snow lift ticket deals. So team milk bags headed up to VT last Sunday with our driver t

he giant

. Mount Snow is 215 miles away from Brooklyn. It takes about four hours each way if Maria doesn't drive into a ditch. It's much better when we have chauffeur giant because then


can focus on her REAL job. Instahaming every single moment of her life. 

(maria the elegant  photo cred- veronica veronica)

K- here comes the informative part.

Mount Snow is in the Green Mountain Range in southern VT on Mt. Pisgah. (Why the name change from Pisgah to Mount Snow? I definitely prefer Mt. PISGAH) The summit is 3,600' and the base is 1,900'.  It's the most accessible hill in VT from the city (NYC) and Boston- so it can get really crazy-town busy. But this year we've lucked out. It seems to rain every time we are there or the night before. That makes normal people not want to go snowboarding. Then the milkbags (and the giant) have the hill to themselves.


  • Mount Snow's saying is- "Everyday is a bluebird day." I'm thinking this is because their main lift (a sixer) is named the bluebird express. It tubes you with a translucent blue plastic shield. (the girls call it the womb) This might confuse you and make you think- "oh, it's a bluebird day"- but really bluebird means sunny and clear. (see sun valley) This lift can pretty much get you where ever you need to go on the hill so when it's brutal out there womb up. 
  • Mount Snow is a park hill. Carinthia is sickening. Pretty much any hit you can think of is there. (pipe isn't ready yet) It is full of children whose knees don't hurt.
  • Yuri teaches/works here. Yes, the same Yuri that inspired everyone in the world to become more PC and say "that's mad yuri" instead of saying "that's gay".
  • If the "snow" is blue- you aren't getting that turn in- try again at another time.


eronica veronica

in the womb)

It's pretty badass that team milkbags does not complain about the snow after the rain. Instead we discuss important worldwide issues like gay marriage and medical marijuana while we ride along the sheets of ice- intent on improving the world. 

As always, snowboarding reigns and perhaps we'll see you on the next $29 Sunday.

(veronica veronica dances)


  • there is a bus you can take that is painted like a cow that takes you from the hill to the town. it is called the MOOver (get it?)
  • Mount Snow has a (snow)boarding high school The Mount Snow Academy. Kelly Clark went there along with a bunch of people that i actually know.
  • They used to have a space age car that would take you from the Snow Lake Lodge over the lake to the hill. Which seems super rad, i couldn't find any pic.s on the internet- didn't look very hard.
  • Mount Snow uses castrol oil to lubracate the lift cables instead of petroleum based oil (earth points)

 (maria trying to out lady veronica veronica by riding with her fancy purse)

also while we are on the subject of insane women-

claire is a prisoner with me on Orange is the New Black

she's part of Hand Job Academy

check out Shark Week their

music video

it's pretty excellent

Shark Week


Meg Skaff




alright, well like the guy at the gas says to Maria.... "have a nice time in the bathroom!"


Greenpoint- BK
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judith supine
Meatpacking- NYC

lewy  &  klops  &  send help
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paul richard
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nychos  &  smithe
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Last week I posted a forecast. It should have been a Red Cross symbol over the Ice Coast as conditions were BRUTAL. I consider it a hex and will not be mentioning the weather again. I have been steadily saying my nighttime prayers to Ullr and I really don't want to have to start using this as mouthwash again.


Vote for your favorite graphic on a deck this year and you can win a free board. You can also rep and artists via the comments section to enter. There have been 350 entries so you got a decent shot at this one

Now that Hugo Chavez can't send any heating oil to New York and Vermont, Ski For Heat has stepped in to raise cash for those in need. You register your squad, raise some cash, and head out to the hill on January 26th. Teams are ranked by vertical feet and cash money raised, let the giveaways begin! Jay Peak is offering a season pass for a $500 fundraiser. Yes, a $500 season pass to help someone stay warm this winter.

What was the last thing you spent a nickel on? For me it was a giant roll of toilet paper. Let's all take a moment and consider tossing five bucks in the Protect Our Winters coffee cup. They are out there fighting to keep the mountain culture alive and take on the Monty Burns evil empire. The 5 bucks will get you an entry into the best contest of the year. A trip to AK with tons of gear. It's probably more important then toilet paper.

Everyone loves getting mail until you reach about 19 and then it is nothing but credit card applications and Chinese food shop menus. Ski.com is sending out creepy little stickers of a cat on a pair of skis. The idea behind this promo is you take a pic with the feline and win a cat skiing trip out to Red Mountain. If you missed it, Red Mountain has added a ton of terrain this year and shaping up to be one of the most killer resorts in North America.

The book of Face can help you win a free four day trip out to Aspen, Buttermilk, and Snowmass. Just like Ski.com and you will be entered to win this exclusive trip.

Steamboat Springs has rolled out a new give away for this year. The Boat Load contest is giving away a grand prize 4 day all expense paid trip to the Steamboat. Monthly giveaways include GoPro's, skis, boards, and all sorts of hardgoods.

If your from 18-26 and live anywhere within driving distance of Mount Snow and Stratton this deal is pretty sweet. For $479 you get a full season pass to both resorts. They don't require you show the wallet full of expired college ID's from the last year's and act like you still read books.
Once upon a time, Ramzi returned from Vermont with a secret stash of Cabot cheese straight from the motherland. We promptly grabbed a case of poorly brewed lagers and decided to eat enough to make us both want to die. To make up for this attempted murder Cabot is giving away more than 200 lift tickets this year. You have to like things to win. 

If you don't know how to ski or ride, or both, now is the time. 34 states have deals to get you on the hill to do something with your life.

Brian Head Resort is having $25 Tuesday's for the rest of the season and they run a shuttle bus from Ceder City if you want to skip work and spend the extra cash on brew. 

Liz is voting for the new space case. she loves hers so much i don't even get to sleep in bed anymore- it's taken my place

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(me on the lip photo cred. qthegiant)

My old post about my first trip to Jay Peak (VT) has been getting a ton of traffic.
So, i thought i'd do a more "informative" piece about our fake Christmas trip to Snowbird this Dec. 

(the giant getting it)

 Christmas to me = being on the hill. Sun Valley (ID), to be exact- but this year it was my turn to spend Christmas with the giants family on the east coast. So we decided to have an early fake Christmas out west. Fake Christmas is actually a fantastic idea because there are better snow deals and the Christmas crowds haven't shown up yet.
It's super easy to hop on a plane from NYC and be in SLC. Snowbird (UT) was a no-brainer because my sister teaches and works there, also it's one of the most amazing places in the universe. Snowbird has an early season deal- your 4th night is free. So for $592 the giant and i stayed for four nights and rode four days. My parents got the same deal. That's $74 a person. Other things you can get for $74: a tank full of gas in New York, a half day Mount Snow (VT) lift ticket, a beer at a club in Manhattan.

(pops coming down Regulator Johnson)

Snowbird is in the Wasatch range in the Little Cottonwood Canyon (UT). The top of the resort is 11,000' and the base is 7,760'. The longest run is Chips which is 2.5 miles. Somehow I always manage to choose this as a "warmup" when i first get to Snowbird- taking care of those leg cramps and my cat-track-quota right away. 

(trail map for drooling purposes)

  • Snowbird has 10 lifts and a tram. Like Jackson, there is a prevalent box scene here (agro locals who claim to only take the tram). Find one if you need a vaporizer. 
  • The park is a joke, but talking about a park at Snowbird is a joke. It's all about the natural hits at the bird. Cliffs are everywhere. 
  • The only ski tunnel in North America is a tunnel through the mountain at the top of the Peruvian lift. You have to run through as fast as possible to get to Mineral Basin or you will be trampled by locals. 
  • Wilbere lift goes until 4:30 PM- clutch on those can't-stop-won't-stop days.
  • And you simply must find the natural banked slalmon that makes me hit trees. 

(the giant on the beginning of the banked- already too far out- tree smash coming up)

  •   Best fancy diner- Wildflower hands down. (mussels are amazing)
  • El Chanate is good cause my sis works there.
  • Gritts makes banging breakfast bowls and their sandwiches are the best for pocket food.
  • Trap bar always has a beer and a shot for $5. Also my sister works there as a troll. 
  • Free water is next to Tram Car Pizza  

 (the giant all up in the brush)

We arrived on a bluebird Monday, which was great to review the mountain. Then it snowed from Wed. to Sunday. It dumps in UT. Even when the weather says it's not going to. God says it's like that in heaven too.
We spent a lot of our time in the trees off of Gad II. Most of my favorite runs weren't quite ready yet (snow wise) but that's never really stopped me before. I helped the giant get a giant sized core shot on the Blackjack Traverse. I didn't know the line was going to turn from snow to rock on rock. "Just use that tree as a stopping point"- my excellent advise.
The giant and I were going to spend Fri. and Sat. night with my sister, but i had some terrible hacking disease and the giant asked at the Inn if they would give us the same deal so we could stay on the hill. They did! Thank goodness because walking was becoming a problem.
 Our room had a separate room just for disgusting-retch-smelling boots and there was a laundry room in the basement.
Also waking up to bombs as an alarm clock is the raddest.

(me in heaven  photo cred. the giant)

  • You are not allowed to bring pets to snowbird. Something about the locals being crazy and eating animals raw for sport. 
  • Beer is not real here! Real beer must be bought at a liquor store or at a bar in a bottle. 
  • You need four wheel drive or chains. Really, they won't let you leave in a storm otherwise.
  • Snowbird has their own emergency room. i think it's required because of Snowbird's high gangsta rating. i know this because i sprained my knee and went to the ER last Dec. Also my dad and bro broke ribs here. Hooray! (not in the ER, on the hill- duh)
  • Alta is attached to Snowbird like an asshole.


miss lotus
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mama wisdom
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LIC- Queens

those who dare
Chinatown- NYC

photo cred. marcus



Below is the forecast map for the weekend, there are some purple spots near where I like to ride and not a lot else. The word is if you are going somewhere it has snowed this year, it should continue. If you are going somewhere that it has not snowed, your going to need some more p-tex.  The Northeast will be warm and wet on Saturday with a good chance of snow up north. The west is looking pretty calm with midweek dumps in the Wasatch and across Wyoming/Montana. It is crazy cold in the rest of the US of A. Forecasts don't really matter unless you only ride on powder days.  Check out more here


Go ride at Granite Gorge on Wednesdays for $20 bucks, take a day off and rip it up on this locals hill.

Okemo is having a last minute deal for this weekend. They have marked down hotel and lift tickets by more than 30% and are sweetening the pot with free tickets on Friday afternoon and a $25 dollar gift card for waffles.

Killington is matching Okemo with the snowblind deal. You book a hotel and add all the tickets you need and decide if you want to stay in a comode or a palace. The Killington website takes your money and then let's you know where you will be laying your head for the weekend. Check it out, you should have enough cash to go to the Pickle Barrel and buy shots for mountain skanks.

We bought a bunch of $29 lift tickets on Liftopia for Sunday from 12pm to 4pm. You got to get it when you can,  Come ride.....

Some people love to go to Jackson, only Jackson. Few are aware of Jackson Hole's little mean bro up the road, who gets more snow and has some of the biggest cliffs ever dropped (TGR) in North America. Targee has a deal for $65 a person with lift tickets to stay on the hill, probably less than half of what you will pay to stay at Jackson. Be forewarned, Targhee has no nightlife just a couple of on the hill bars- but that powder will make you forget about the drinks.

Snowbird, oh Snowbird. They are currently running some crazy deals for the entire winter. You can get a room on the hill with tickets for two for 158 dollars a night basically for the entire season. Check out the site for all the details. 

Win Free STUFF
I have seen some of your crashes and for sure they match the ones that are winning Giro helmets and goggles on the yobeat.com site. So check it out and send all submissions to submissions@yobeat.com (must be hosted on vimeo or youtube)

Every week Idaho tourism is giving away free trips, tickets, and gear. Win stuff, now!

 (me at the bird with no legs two weeks ago)

words by qthegiant


It was another powder day at the bird a week an a half ago. While getting on the Gad II lift i spotted a guy with one ski and two legs. He was acting like this was something to do. A local was like "Do you know where your other ski is?" One ski was like "Nope, but i know what i'm doing." Local was like "Where did you lose your ski?" One ski was like "I don't know." Local was like "Are you going to go look for it?" One ski was like "no I'll just use this one. i know what i'm doing." Local was like "where are you from?" 
One ski replied "Florida"

(one ski on the lift- Snowbird UT)


jos-l  &  sheryo  &  keeley
Williamsburg- BK

cost  &  enx
Tribecca- NYC

sadue 907  &  cash4   &  smells  &  tone tank
photo cred. Amy Klein

visah  &  meyhem  &  false  &  kech  &  roycer 
Midtown- NYC

baser  &  mtk
can't remember

rae  &  broker

krsna  &  alec
photo cred. D

bortusk leer  &  turtle caps
can't remember

droid 907
Bushwick- BK

LIC- Queens


(el squat in Sun Valley)

This week's contests are easy to enter. They are all idiot proof. Some require a Facebook account, some an Instagram account, and others just autofill your email. Reading this is more difficult than entering. 

Enter your email (its worth it, I promise...)

Yet agin the bros at Backcountry.com continue to have the most contest with killer prizes. This one is for a hell-skiing and a hut trip. One is to AK, the other is to a little place called Sun Valley. Oh yeah, they include a $1000 gift card to the site. Clink to enter.... you know you should.

Park City is giving away a four night trip for free including airfare and all the gravy. 

Warren Miller and Sun Valley are giving away a three night trip with full accommodations at the lodge. They have 50 cent wings at the bar if you decide to spend some cash. The chairlift was invented at SV. 

Enter with your Facebook account to win stuff, no one cares what you like... 

Paragon Sports, where I once sold knives to tourists, is giving away an entire trip to Jackson, all they want is for you to like them. Click and like...

Liftopia is giving away an all expense paid trip to Banff and a bunch of gift cards. You like cheap lift tickets, win this contest. 

Ski.com is giving away a trip to North Lake Tahoe. They have casinos, a lake, and a mountain there. Get your entry in quick, this one ends soon. You should go. 

The SnoCru is giving away a killer trip to B.C. to go hell-skiing with Kingfisher outfitters. Click, clack...

These are more work.

Take a picture of you and your friends partying and tag it #cuzzinscontest and Mount Snow will give you some free passes. I wonder, when will you be partying with your friends and everyone will be taking pictures? 

Mammoth is giving away two lift tickets, you have to write a story about why you like it there. That should be pretty hard, they barely have anything going on... week


GNU is hosting a camp for chicks next month. It's a hundred bucks with a ton of free stuff. The camp is on January 4th and a bunch of the pros will be hanging out in the park. The "women's only" park. Check it out. 

The kids at Mt. Hood are having a bunch of mini local camps. They are probably for kids and everyone else who is under 5'10''. Go ahead, sneak in, you're short.  The are $300 bucks unless you have a pass at these resorts, then you can just attend until they realize your a 31 year old who doesn't have 300 bucks. 

The dates and locations for the Windells camps are:
Brighton, UT 1/25/14 & 1/26/14
Hunter, NY 2/22/14 & 2/23/14
Stratton, VT 3/1/14 & 3/2/14
Snoquaimie, WA 3/15/14 & 3/16/14


melissa on the lean on the 137 on the top of Baldy (Sun Valley)


If i make it bigger it won't GIF anymore and then you would just see a picture. So 1999- gross.
Here is robot at Sugarbush.
I like to imagine that the snow is a special kind of quicksand snow and robot is being pulled into the earth.
Not that i don't like robot- i adore him.
It's just more fun to imagine he's being sucked into the earth.


bortusk leer 

Coney Island- BK

Midtown- NYC

posted this before- oh well
nom nom nom
Bushwick- BK

(cause you stuff a dumpster)
Meatpacking- NYC

Chinatown- NYC

can't remember (much)


appletonpictures  &  lewy  & banksy
Chelsea- NYC
photo- Amy Klein 

give thanks
Bushwick- BK


 (me baggin it in the rain- on the ganj- Killington)


If your like me, when you go see your family this Thursday, you will find yourself absently minded staring out the window dreaming of powder days. So, if you are going to do one thing after eating all that turkey and mashed, while listening to your family ask those same questions again for the 10th year in a row, head to Liftopia and score lift tickets at 75% off. Yes, 75% off. I promise this will be the best thing you do, unless your actually riding on Thanksgiving. Riding on Thankgiving, ummmmmmm......powder..... While you at it, check out Evo, everything in the outlet is marked up to 70% off.


Warren Miller Films is showing their latest flick giving away tons of lift tickets and prizes all over the world. If your fear of bedbugs keeps you out of movie theaters, you can enter their instaham contest to win a BC heli trip. Yeah, a BC heli trip for free.

Snowboard mag is giving away a completely ridiculous Smith optics package with goggles, helmets, and sunglasses. You need to enter by the end of this week, then the contest starts all over again, then it happens five more times this winter.

Freeskier gives away tons of gear. Gear that doesn't suck. Gear that if you won, you would wear for like five seasons. Telling all your heads over and over, that you won it because of me. They give away coats and pants that will keep you as dry as a wearing a plastic bag. Yes, a plastic bag.


Everyone secretly wants to take lessons. Admit it, you do. Lessons are just insanely expensive and there's that whole awkward booking a lesson thing. At Homewood, they have eliminated all of your excuses. Really, all you have to do is make it to the top of the Homewood lift by 11:30 and get a free lesson. So, you can play blackjack till 4 in the morning, take a four hour nap, eat breakfast,  drink three Bloody Mary's, and stagger over to the lift while congratulating yourself on being the smartest person on the hill.

The Mountain Sports Club has an amazing deal out to Big Sky. You can get five nights in the hotel and three days on the hill for $459. The trip is on for the first two weeks of January. If that is too expensive, you can go to Jackson Hole for a five night trip with a five day pass for 400 bucks. Seriously, 400 bucks. A five day pass alone is more than that at Jackson.

If you want to travel less and ride more, Salt Lake is the easiest ski destination commute in America. Visit Salt Lake, is making every deal a bit sweeter, by adding a free fourth night to all trips to Snowbird, Brighton, Solitude, and for the elitist among us, Alta. Just book through their website. 


Hunter Mountain is selling three lift tickets for $119 and you get a Big Lift Ticket Card which locks in low prices all year. The deal expires at the end of the month. They have a six person lift on the hill and a local named the Carvefather. Get it, like the Godfather, but with hardboots.
in case you were wondering, this is the advertisement that Hunter sends out via mail and interwebs for their Big Lift Ticket Card.
It's a picture of our dear friends gypsy and shaun (co-owner of Aegir Boardworks) after their joint lobotomy.

All words by Qthegiant


Another day slaving away at the office.

Making money for this

me at snowbird shot by el squat


Upper West Side- NYC

kech  &  lewy
Midtown- NYC

West Village- NYC

Midtown- NYC

LIC- Queens

overconsume (?)
can't remember where


space invader
East Village- NYC

Astoria- Queens

kuma  &  gats  &  intel  &  logik
Williamsburg- BK


(el squat's spread eagle on Limelight- Sun Valley)

Log into intstagram for the 12th time today and post some photos of yourself in 80's gear pulling 80's tricks to win some vintage Solomon gear (#salomonfreeskitv100). Rest easy knowing in 30 years you can enter this exact contest again. That triple McButttwist you have been working on will be as dated as the spread eagle.

It's not your contacts that are cloudy, scratched, and all fogged up. It's probably those 5 year old lenses on your goggles. The goggles that are strangely starting to smell like you wear them on your feet. It is never good to wear something on your head that smells like feet. Elevation Outdoors is giving away a sweet $300 gift card for goggles of your choice from the Sunglass Hut. Also, they are giving away a ton of other gear and have a mountain music playlist featuring sounds that will make you think of your grandpa, or your dog, or both.

Want to go to Russia? North Face is giving away a trip to the Motherland, to go to that thing that happens ever couple years. The Olympics. Enter. Win. Drink Budweiser in Russia. Make us proud.

Arkade magazine and LRG are giving away a $500 spending spree, if you can read Burrito's article and answer 5 questions. I know, reading and answering questions.... It's probably easier to just keep wearing those pants from six years ago, with the custom holes in the pockets.

Tired of looking out the window, waiting for Christmas to end so you can actually afford to go to the hill and not sleep in the backseat of your VW. Keystone has rooms for half-price straight through the holidays, saving you enough money to not shop at the dollar store for Christmas presents.

Cut out this little mountain Yeti and shoot some photos of yourself doing things others would consider "fun". Whoever has the most fun will win a 6 pack of tickets to the hill for the season.

Spend a week next summer snowboarding. What? Never Summer has decided to give away three insane trips this year including a week long summer trip to Copper. Yes, summer trip. All the 9 year olds will be pulling bigger tricks than you, but who cares? What do they know about life anyway, with their 80 million dollar trust funds?

If you can't afford a new deck, Never Summer is giving away anyone you want. All you have to do is enter the Scavenger Hunt on the website and record your crew completing a series of challenges. This requires meeting deadlines and a certain level of commitment, my guess...that 9 year old trust fund kid from Summer Camp wins.

words by The Giant
qthegiant (instaham)