Radical Raspberry

radical raspberry elevated locals

our duderino @impulsive_snowboarder is headed to Cascade (Mt. Hood) to coach for the summer.

Here's how he does the snowboarding. Also in France he is a raspberry. So he probably shouldn't go to there.

filmed and cut by @carinthiacoach at Mount Snow (VT) 


stokedonice lightin the night

stokedonice lightin the night

This week the team traveled to Crotched, NH for Localz Wednesdaze for some moon powder. 

Nights aren't just for sucking blood - you can also do the snowboarding! In the 70's Crotched was renamed Bobcat for a short period - this inspired those in our story to act and talk like the comedian bobcat. It's really fun to do this, but it won't get you any new friends - and it will probably get you punched in the face. 

There was 13 inches of fresh! Fresh Price of Bell-Air that is. It was saturn's first time as a lady of the night riding. She held proper court. Crotched rode bigger than what the map showed the teams eyes. This pleased them very much.

Fun Facts

Crotched was also the site of the world's first wind farm. We like this - we like the world!

Crotched is part of the seven mountain Peaks Pass.

During the prime season Crotched has Midnight Madness - sometimes it's a block party, sometimes it's a concert, sometimes it's a bonfire. It's always craaaaazy. 

impulsive_snowboarder going under

impulsive_snowboarder going under

Thanks for giving us the good old fashioned night site Crotched!

story characters: @stokedonice @impulsive_snowboarder @xoalyssaleighox


two handing it - yuri yuri PC -  cody cody 

two handing it - yuri yuri PC -  cody cody 

This week in the east, winter came back from the Bermuda Triangle with a lot of conspiracy theories. Seriously, if we hear one more "The aliens did it, man", we'll puke. Anyway, last week the crew went to Stratton for Localz Wednesdaze before crazy-ass-winter came back to town.

Stratton was preparing for the VT Open, and the stoke was high. As usual, fans were just throwing five dollar coins at our team all day. Again, we like really appreciate it, but the coins kinda hurt - and it's a pretty weird thing to do. Nah mean?

So the VT Open mini pipe was totally the star of the day - signing autographs with diamond encrusted pencils. It was all like, I'm the blanket you carried around as a toddler - satin. 


Stratton has a church pass. Ride/ski all Sundays (but three) during the season for $229. Lift tickets are $105, so after three times - it's free bird. Also, throw in $50, and ride/ski the rest of this season. Halleujah.

The last weekend of March is Marchdigraw, Spring Fling, and the Pond Skim. Start planning your outfits. 

The Green Door Pub (at the base) is our favorite place to do the drinking of the mouth. Pete - the owner has a collection of old boards that will make you drool.

Stratton opened in 1961. 1961 looks the same when you turn it upside down - this is called a strobogrammatic number. Finger snap. 

42 Olympians have come out of the Stratton Mountain School.

In 1840 Stratton was the site of a nutso rally that 30,000 people attended. Hard core.

cody cody PC yuri yuri

cody cody PC yuri yuri

The team loves that Stratton feeling. Thanks for having us! 

story characters: @stokedonice @impulsive_snowboarder @newengland_boardbum


ian again and again

ian again and again

Every Wednesday members of our east coast team travel New England, visiting the resorts of snow. Cars are mainly used for travel to the snow places, but there's been talk of a wheelbarrow.

Last week sunny, saturn, and the samoan found themselves in New Hampshire. The state that threatens you with their slogan (Live Free or Die). Which is pretty rad, but we don't understand who goes around killing people who don't live free. Is it a good job? How are the benefits? How free do you need to be?

granite gorge elevated locals

Anyway, the name of the game was Granite Gorge. It was a silky beach party out there, and the triple s gang was making robes. The trees gave them an excellent time in the early afternoon, and they definitely had the hill to themselves. 

sunny with those free heels 

sunny with those free heels 

Then, the gang lured their newest bestie into their van with candy. Candy makes you dandy. Introducing ian who is excellent at lighting things. 

He's been working at the GG for ten years, knows all the knows, and is the deliverer of this weeks fun facts. 

Fun Facts

There is night skiing at Granite Gorge, but you can also just go ride for two hours ($25). That's a sweet lunch break, or a forgot something at the store time.

A college pass is $99. Book smart indeed. 

Granite Gorge was Pinnacle Ski Area from the 1950s to the 1970s. Then it became a lost resort, closing in 1977 and fading out into Never Never Land. In 1999, two brothers came and totally Peter Panned the resort. Ding ding ding - Granite Gorge opened in 2003. Nice work Baybutt bros!

There is a monster truck/sled rally every year called Motor Mayhem. They say if you have an engine, you race. 

They have Cosmic Tubing on Sat. nights. There's a DJ, and only glow lights. (We at elevated locals aren't really into tubing, but we are into trippin out and pretending to be aliens - so we'll have to go to there)

 At the end of the day, ian took them to the puppy that was hidden for obvious reasons, and their heads exploded. Woof.

saturn pre head explosion 

saturn pre head explosion 

The gang had such an outstanding time at Granite Gorge - such an massively excellent chill hill.

We will return as soon as possible. Thanks for having us GG! 


localz wednesdaze I elevated locals

On Wednesdays members of our east coast team will be traveling New England, visiting the  resorts of snow. We begin Localz Wednesdaze at Killington, Vermont with @stokedonice and @impulsive_snowboarder. Wednesday is their day off from #workingforthatsnow at Mount Snow. That means they snowboard more. Duh. 

Last Wednesday they didn't know of all the powder they would be riding this week. The forecast said rain, but when in Rome - you know.

Guess what? 

It's didn't rain. Take that idiot bossy phone.

Cody for the win! Killin-it-a-ton - elephant.

(That's probably going to be your next slogan - Killington. No worries. We got you.)

As always - snowboarding is the best, and a good day was had by all. 

Thanks for having us Beasty!


mad yuri with that 89 Free6 method

mad yuri with that 89 Free6 method

Killington understands the perils of addiction. They get that fanatics must be weened off slowly. They know that it can be very dangerous for the afflicted to be forced into things other than snow sliding. In order to provide proper treatment, the fine folk at The Beast began making snow in October building a bulletproof base. They continued to blow on the Superstar run whenever temps were low enough, and this created a glorious glacier. This one run is the east coast's salvation. It's 2016 and The King Of Spring kept it going until May 29th. 

This tale begins with a strung out samoan and a gung-ho giant. They hadn't ridden snow for three weeks and were positively rabid.  They traveled from NYC for their fix only listening to Bring Me A Higher LoveSuch excitement for that white good good. The lift was walk on walk off only with equipment to be held with arms like peasants. This gave the samoan recurring nightmare flashbacks. That dream that all snow crazies have, where everyone has their equipment except but you. "I LOST MY BOARD!" the samoan would scream before she remembered that it was in her lap. This new way of lift riding took some time getting used to.  

It was 80 degrees, and after a couple of hours the summit coverage wasted away, exposing all the rocks. Only the wild childs and knee surgery veterans continued the top pounding. Everyone else had a nice little hike down to the powder field.


 The middle was next to morph into a tasty mudslide. It soon became a minefield of slate slabs which can be difficult to turn on - better just point it and go! There was impressive grass skiing done by pink and purple pants. the samoan wore full snow gear refusing to acknowledge winter's end. She managed to stay a healthy temperature of 207 degrees all day with her Muslim garb. The day was fanditiliastic - frothing of the mouth and chills subsided. Phew.

the samoan easy like Sunday morning (cause it was)

the samoan easy like Sunday morning (cause it was)

With Sunday came the return of mad yuri. He had been given a vintage snow stick (1989 Burton Free6 160) to ride for the occasion. This classic came from mr. nemesis of vintage snowboard trader. 1989 also gave the world the Gameboy, The Simpsons, Lethal Weapon 2, Ghostbusters 2, Back to the Future 2, and the public service commercial where the government showed you breakfast and said "This is your brain. This is drugs. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?"  More Breakfast! 

Where were we? Ah, yes.... The warm temps during the night had the celebrated glacier melting like the wicked witch. Many enjoyed long walks on the slope in between the snow patches. 

The lift was free and it was a party. Can't Stop - won't stop. Yearnin' and burnin'. The ridiculousness of it all just made it better. 

As expected, thangs got dirty especially on the last run of the mud gauntlet. the samoan went down, slippin like a freudian - played herself like an accordion. doom. 

mud box

mud box

It was a perfect Memorial Day Weekend for the maniac freaks. Beasties for life Killington! 

PS - thanks to our snow angel Kelsey.

Kingdom of Sweetness - Sugarbush

mad yuri 

mad yuri 

The samoan awoke with an uncontrollable hankering for candy last Wednesday. This was unusual, for she did not have a sweet tooth, but when in Rome- right? She immediately got after it by going to Economy Candy in the Lower East Side, where she proceeded to sit in the middle of the store and eat everything she could grab. Augustus Gloop. After a couple of hours she owed more than her rent, had eaten over 100 pounds of sweets, and most of her teeth had fallen out. Still this monstrous craving would not be subdued- something had to be done. Maybe it was the mass amount of sugar she annihilated, but the samoan began to see the princess on the Candyland box sliding around on powdered sugar- then it was realized that the sugar was snow. The princess was snowboarding! Ugh, what an IDIOT BRAIN the samoan had- she didn't like candy- she liked snowboarding! The craving was for Sugarbush, the resort, the place where you do the snowboarding. 

castlerock hike Kingdom of Sweetness elevated locals

She wrote a bunch of IOUs on candy wrappers and called mad yuri to see if he was jonesing for some sugar too. He was like- duh, so the samoan hopped in her truck and drove to Vermont. Mad yuri and the samoan knew that nothing would quench the thirst that they were practically dying from, like Sugarbush. Known as the tastiest place to ride in the Green Mountains with close to 600 skiable acres, some say it is the only place to get a proper fix. They have 111 trails between two peaks and tons of delectable glades, where you never have to ride the same line all day.

Kingdom of Sweetness elevated locals

The duo started their first day off fancy at Lincoln Peak. They spoke in embellished decorated accents while riding the Super Bravo lift. (This is a little known thing the locals do- along with the golf clap- to keep things classy.) The easiest way to begin this custom is to start by saying "Suuuupeerrr Braaavo" as much as possible, in the most pompous way possible. Sugarbush was known as Mascara Mountain because of the chichi clientele (crazy models son) so one must act accordingly to uphold the reputation. 

fancy yuri holding court

fancy yuri holding court

It was cold out there and the sun needed to be followed for the best snow. North Lynx was where it was at. The chair seemed to be running just for the two in our story because it was midweek. Done with dem groomers they headed to Heaven's Gate.

monkey yuri Kingdom of Sweetness elevated locals

The goal was Castlerock. Many secrets are to be found at Castlerock. This is where you get the raw sugar, all natural terrain not processed by the groomer. They decided to hike to Castlerock (bonus candy calorie burner) from Paradise off of the Heaven's Gate triple, along this route you can also drop the trees (like the samoan and mad yuri) or visit the church of gnar. Church seems to need a bit more of that powder stuff before it's ready, but the view of the valley from the cliff is pretty glorious.

castlerock trees Kingdom of Sweetness elevated locals

That night Mad Taco treats were devoured; and then the two passed out at the Sugarbush Inn, crashing hard from their sugar high.  

new school yuri Kingdom of Sweetness elevated locals

The next day was all about Mt. Ellen. She's so fine and chill. I mean, she probably doesn't shave that much, but she never complains about stupid things or gets white girl wasted. Mt. Ellen is more of the locals mountain and is less crowded. Once again it seemed as if the lifts were  spinning just for mad yuri, the samoan, and local john (the head of words). You can get to Mt. Ellen by taking the Slide Brook Express which is the longest quad in the world. It usually opens at 10 AM and closes at 3:15 PM. A bus can be taken too which might be the thing to do, because the Green Mountain Express starts running at 8 AM. There are also places for parking personal vehicles like cars and boats, but not horses. 

Slidebrook Express 

Slidebrook Express 

Around 8:45 AM it began crushing, like really snowing, which it hasn't been doing in the east so snowbladers were immediately sacrificed to encourage the gods. With that first flake they hit the trees. Hint for slowboarders: stay in the trees skiers left as long as possible while doing lower F.I.S. The cat track is pretty flat on the way back and you will end up skating - which is totally the best, but if you're not into that.... The choicest trees were high (Exterminator, Bravo, and secrets), but isn't that always the case? Sometimes the trio fell down the rabbit hole- it's bound to happen. (Definition of rabbit hole: super tight tree line that requires hands on trees and might not actually be considered a line by most). Anyway, glade laps are the best and the day was radaroni.

brain freeze again and again

brain freeze again and again

Super important thing to know about Mt. Ellen and champagne: please refrain from trying to shoot things/people by poppin' bottles. Back in the day when Mt. Ellen wasn't part of Sugarbush, you could buy a bottle of champagne and try to hit the cowbell in the bar with a cork. If you succeeded, you got free drinks. After learning this historical fact, the samoan (who loves free drinks) was determined to try her luck. Turns out the cowbell is not up for interpretation, so one should not try yelling more cowbell while firing champagne corks at the park crew from the Sunshine lift. Not getting free drinks will be the least of your worries. Side note: lap the Sunshine Double for maximum ratty rat park laps. The park is now open and there is some nutso sweetness going on. 

ninja chop

ninja chop

Sugarbush is the most delicious. The twosome was ever so sad to leave. The resort is impossible to quit, so they will be back as soon as possible. Until then visions of Sugarbush will dance in their heads.

the samoan   photo- mad yuri

the samoan   photo- mad yuri

p.s. The unveiling of the new cowbell is 2/20/16. Poppin' bottles and shooting corks will be accepted at this time.

head of words after the rabbit hole

head of words after the rabbit hole


mad yuri  5/25/15

It was the 23rd day of May (which is the end of May) almost June even, but not quite. Everyone was nicely hung over with bad tasting mouths (moufs) when the giant, veronica veronica, and the samoan left Bucktown. They were headed to The Beast (Killington) who is known for inviting summer to play hide and seek and then "forgetting" to look for it after counting - leaving summer locked in the dryer for as long as possible. I heard that summer always falls for it. Killington is not that close to Brooklyn, but it is in the same country- America.

For their last weekend, Killington was able to keep one run open by using magic. That run is fittingly named Superstar and is under the Superstar lift in the Superstar county. Full blown check me out laps. It was bump-tastic out there, more moguls than at donald trump's quinceanera. Let me put it to you this way- you could definitely loose your razor scooter or a small tortoise in the troughs. Really, the stylin squad lost their clothes! 

Sunday was spent lapping it up with mad yurikelsey, and the stylin squad. The sun was shinning and the weather was sweet. There was a certain 100 yard endangered soul patch of snow in the middle of the run that was threatening extinction. Slushy swish splash. It was confirmed on May 24th, 2015 snowboarding was still the best, and beer drinking wasn't too bad either. veronica veronica sacrificed a love wreath to the gods and was then serenaded with flight of the concord songs by a rad bare nessesities band. Later, the Mount Snow cowboy larry and friends feed us jello shots in the parking lot. Big ups.

On Monday the sky was grey and rumors of rain kept many away. The samoan and local shred head tim put in some work before yuri, young thug, and craigslist arrived flashing ninja gang signs. The endangered soul patch was transformed into pure mud by noon and the samoan was the first to go down- penguin status. mad yuri made the call for the day- the objective was to ride on as little snow as possible. It was a noble mission which lead to mass hysterica. More rolling around in the mud ensued. Oink. Immeasurable amounts of dirt dog fun were had on this day.

What a massive adventure.

young thug  5/25/15

Nothing is better than bonus stoke surrounded by other hyped die hard snow junkies. Last weekend in Killington will now and forever be a thing. Woof. 

Thanks to kelsey for the hookup and the giant who is better than anyone else.


yuri pressing it

The events to come have been recorded and no embellishments have been made. This tale involves a yuri (as in mad yuri), yuri's gentleman caller chris, a veronica veronica, the Hunta power couple (gypsy and shaun), and a samoan. 

chris popping and grabbing   veronica veronica on the side

All of these characters care very much about snowboarding. Like, they would probably give up their homes, happily wear Uggs, or eat their own fingers while they were still attached, if that was the only way they could still snowboard. yuri and chris teach the snowboarding at Mount Snow. They also, conveniently live in Vermont. The rest of the delinquents mentioned above live in Brooklyn. 

the samoan, gypsy, and shaun    photo- yuri

It was decided that everyone would meet and ride for a couple of days at Mount Snow in the first week of December. It was also decided that it would be best to sleep on yuri's floor. yuri lives in a bounce house inside a freezer above a garage. The Brooklyn goons arrived at yuri's on Sunday night. Of course, Tim Slammin tried to come over, but they deflated the bounce house and lied there really quietly. "Did you know that in Norway ranch anything is called cool American?" shaun whispered. They did not. There were endless possibilities for cool American ranch, which the group discussed until they fell asleep.


The next morning the samoan forgot a bunch of things and felt sad about her small brain. The tribe reminded her about snowboarding, which made her happy, and they went to Mount Snow. It was veronica veronica and the samoans' first day of the season. It was also the samoan's first time riding in the east before she rode in the west - so she decided to do things backwards to make sure everything in the world stayed aligned. She spent the chairlift rides on her knees, gave everyone trash bags, and wore ski poles that she just dragged behind her. The samoan doesn't seem to know what backwards means. The crew rode together all day. The snow conditions were excellent for southern Vermont in December. Everyone was joyous and full of song. Not even Tim Slammon could wreck the greatness of snowboarding. Although, he did show up and try (like he always does) to get on the Bluebird lift. He was denied and forced to take another lift. The Bluebird lift does not allow mouth breathers because they might disease the bubble with their hot-sticky-mouth breathing. Also, they are inferior.

veronica veronica and yuri stomping that slow

There was rumor of a great storm from the news on the TV above the bar. Snow was in the air. yuri was forced to serve rich people drinks that night. No one from Brooklyn is allowed in any establishments after dark in Vermont; so the crew went back to the bounce house and chugged wine. They fancy. The gypsy must have taken some crazy fast talking potion because she was non-stop chatter and eventually had to be strapped to the bounce house. 

gyps going all the way

Shaun, inspired by the onion and potato chopping Youtube videos he had been watching at lunch, made dinner. Dinner contained no onions, potatoes, or ranch. 

We called Tim Slammon and told him his house was on fire. Then veronica veronica wowed everyone with her magic fingers and transforming crystals,  and all of a sudden it was morning.

veronica veronica on her ninja   shaun to the side

Day two it snowed a lot. Like two garbage pails full and probably more. The first powder day of the year is a very exciting thing, especially to those in our story. Sweet trackless runs were slayed again and again. veronica veronica re-injured her injury. What was she supposed to do? Not snowboard? Hang out with Tim Slammon? Not an option. yuri took the crew to the woods. They rode over frozen magical mini reindeer antlers. They hopped over streams and slashed their boards with rocks. All with great pleasure, of course. 

yuri filming log slide yuri

Then, the sadness began. The imminent-dark-cloud-horribleness of leaving during a snow storm. Everyone cried and then began the long journey home. It was park-in-the-middle-of-the-road night for semi-trucks in Vermont. Luckily for us, a giant vehicle with a really big shovel led the way around all of the trucks until we made it to New York- where civilized trucks park on the side of the road.

line of street parking trucks   photo- veronica veronica

Abiding by some sort of Russian tradition, the samoan and veronica veronica left the gypsy and shaun at a gas station in the rain and continued on to Brooklyn. A parade was thrown in their honor the next day- no one attended except for Tim Slammon (what an idiot)

yuri taking it back

yuri taking it back


First off, let me introduce myself. Virginia is the name, and being adventurous is the game. I know Liz (elevated locals) from volunteering together with the Chill Foundation, which helps underprivileged kids learn life skills through board sports, like snowboarding. An awesome organization that everyone should check out.

I've been boarding since the ripe age of 7 and the majority of my riding career started in Smugglers' Notch, Vermont. A great family resort located in Jeffersonville, VT, Smuggs is my home away from home and will always hold a special place in my heart.

This year's trip up to Smuggs consisted of myself, my partner-in-crime (PIC) Kiersten, and her sister Lisa. Small crew but big laughs and great times were to follow. We departed from my house in Sparta, NJ and drove 264 miles up to Jefferson, VT.

The day before we headed up there they got dumped with over a foot and half of snow...... The week was prepping to be one of the best of the season. We were stoked to get up there and explore. Smuggs is one of the best places I have been for woods riding, I was excited to see that they were 100% open while we were heading up there.


  • 2,610 - Amount of feet in vertical rise, among the biggest in the East.
  • 78 - Number of trails that are scattered among the 3 mountains with over 27 miles of terrain.
  • 26 - Average number of feet of white stuff that dumps at Smuggs annually
  • 750 - Over that amount of acres of glades throughout the 3 mountains. Smuggs allows you to ski in and out of all of the wooded area as long as it is within the boundaries.

Once we got settled in we couldn't wait for Sunday morning to come around to start shredding and see what the mountain had in store for us this year. The first couple days were pretty cold, but we were prepared so instead I marveled at how quickly my "first-run" tears could freeze in the corner of my eye.

During the week one of the things I wanted to do was make every run a different adventure and experience, so PIC and I were always dropping in and out of the woods through every run. Needless to say, after the first day our legs were en fuego but it was so awesome to be able to shred any trail or glade at anytime. No ropes or tape, just open trails ready for the beating.

(top of Sterling looking over at Madonna Mountain)

(top of Sterling looking over at Madonna Mountain)


  • Smuggs host the only Triple Black Diamond on the East Coast, appropriately named the Black Hole. It is a 1600 foot long trail with a pitch of 65 yo 70 percent for the first 600 feet. Unfortunately, I like to live to see the next snowfall, so I don't try to "push" my limits there.
  • Smugglers' Notch is appropriately name for the smuggling activity that has passed through these mountains and interconnected caves. Back in the prohibition era, Smugglers' Notch was used to store and transport alcohol from Canada down to the New England territory. Luckily now you can sit back and enjoy some of the local breweries' recent drafts at one of the many watering holes located throughout the resort. Personally I'm a fan of the Switchback Ale and Harpoon Cider.
  • Smuggler's Notch was named #1 Overall Resort in the East for 2014 by Ski Magazine. Pretty impressive reward considering the other contenders like Okemo, Killington, and Stowe.
  • Speaking of Stowe mountain, it is directly on the opposite side of Smuggs and shares the mountain range of Mt. Mansfield. Ironically though, during the winter it will take you about an hour to get there from Smuggs, due to the road closing in between the resorts during the harsh winter months.
(gorgeous view from the top of Madonna Mountain)

(gorgeous view from the top of Madonna Mountain)

If you want to be adventurous and head over to Stowe for a day, you can get there on snow if you desire. On the top of Sterling Mountain at Smuggs, you cross over the Sterling Pond at the summit and hike over to Stowe. When I was younger I remember having an instructor take us over there and we were able to ski there with your Smuggs lift ticket but I believe now you are only allowed a ride back up the lift. Not sure about this though, open to discussion or future adventure.

(PIC on the top of Sterling, standing on the frozen pond)

(PIC on the top of Sterling, standing on the frozen pond)


  • Favorite Trail: Bermuda - Awesome glades that has to be a couple thousand feet long, but an awesome cruiser through the woods. I heard someone recently call it a playground in the woods and that's exactly what it is. Awesome twists and turns, but you have to be careful on warm sunny days, as the snow gets sticky and slow through there. Awesome to hit up on powder days.
  • Favorite Run: While I have many, one of my favorite runs has to be from the top of Sterling, taking Upper Rumrunner (yes, an awesome trail name) to Highlander glades to Poacher Woods and finish off with a cruise down Treasure Run. Upper Rumrunner will provide you with an awesome view of Stowe and Mt. Mansfield, while leading you to Highlander Glades. With a steep pitch in the first 200 feet, Highlander  Glades level off at the bottom with some gnarly paths and gliders through the trees. Towards the bottom, be sure to stay to the right on the high pitch and cross over the Crossover Trail (seriously it's called that!) and drop into Poacher's Woods. With a wooden bridge at the end, Poacher's Woods will help add to your already burning legs. Finish it off with a sweet cruise down Treasure Run leading you down to the Madonna Base Lodge.
  • Favorite Lift: Madonna 1 - Offers a wide variety of scenery and temperature changes. While heading up the lift you can really scope out many of the lines and trails throughout the mountain while also dipping in and out of valleys with a variety of cold and windy snaps. Be sure to bundle up. Once you get to the top you can absorb the gorgeous scenery around you (blue bird days only). You can capture a glimpse of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire and a panoramic view of Northern Vermont.
(GoPro-ing on the top of Sterling)

(GoPro-ing on the top of Sterling)

Till the next powder turn, it's been real. Feel free to message me with any questions, comments, or if you just want to chat. Be sure to check out my Tumblr or photo blog for more awesome photos and videos.

(Enjoying some local brews at the grill)

(Enjoying some local brews at the grill)


(Team milk bags: veronica veronica, chestnut michele, full-of-herself maria, noselfie me  & the giant photo cred. veronica veronica)

(Team milk bags: veronica veronica, chestnut michele, full-of-herself maria, noselfie me  & the giant
photo cred. veronica veronica)

Liftopia has a bunch of $29 Sunday afternoon Mount Snow lift ticket deals. So team milk bags headed up to VT last Sunday with our driver the giant. Mount Snow is 215 miles away from Brooklyn. It takes about four hours each way if Maria doesn't drive into a ditch. It's much better when we have chauffeur giant because then Maria can focus on her REAL job. Instahaming every single moment of her life.

(maria the elegant  photo cred- veronica veronica)

(maria the elegant  photo cred- veronica veronica)

K- here comes the informative part.
Mount Snow is in the Green Mountain Range in southern VT on Mt. Pisgah. (Why the name change from Pisgah to Mount Snow? I definitely prefer Mt. PISGAH) The summit is 3,600' and the base is 1,900'.  It's the most accessible hill in VT from the city (NYC) and Boston- so it can get really crazy-town busy. But this year we've lucked out. It seems to rain every time we are there or the night before. That makes normal people not want to go snowboarding. Then the milkbags (and the giant) have the hill to themselves.

    •    Mount Snow's saying is- "Everyday is a bluebird day." I'm thinking this is because their main lift (a sixer) is named the bluebird express. It tubes you with a translucent blue plastic shield. (the girls call it the womb) This might confuse you and make you think- "oh, it's a bluebird day"- but really bluebird means sunny and clear. (see sun valley) This lift can pretty much get you where ever you need to go on the hill so when it's brutal out there womb up.
    •    Mount Snow is a park hill. Carinthia is sickening. Pretty much any hit you can think of is there. (pipe isn't ready yet) It is full of children whose knees don't hurt.
    •    Yuri teaches/works here. Yes, the same Yuri that inspired everyone in the world to become more PC and say "that's mad yuri" instead of saying "that's gay".
    •    If the "snow" is blue- you aren't getting that turn in- try again at another time.

(veronica veronica in the womb)

(veronica veronica in the womb)

  It's pretty badass that team milkbags does not complain about the snow after the rain. Instead we discuss important worldwide issues like gay marriage and medical marijuana while we ride along the sheets of ice- intent on improving the world.
As always, snowboarding reigns and perhaps we'll see you on the next $29 Sunday.

(veronica veronica dances)

(veronica veronica dances)

    •    there is a bus you can take that is painted like a cow that takes you from the hill to the town. it is called the MOOver (get it?)
    •    Mount Snow has a (snow)boarding high school The Mount Snow Academy. Kelly Clark went there along with a bunch of people that i actually know.
    •    They used to have a space age car that would take you from the Snow Lake Lodge over the lake to the hill. Which seems super rad, i couldn't find any pic.s on the internet- didn't look very hard.
    •    Mount Snow uses castrol oil to lubracate the lift cables instead of petroleum based oil (earth points)

 (maria trying to out lady veronica veronica by riding with her fancy purse)

 (maria trying to out lady veronica veronica by riding with her fancy purse)

also while we are on the subject of insane women-
claire is a prisoner with me on Orange is the New Black
she's part of Hand Job Academy
check out Shark Week their
music video
it's pretty excellent


the giant

the giant

Last time we hit the Bush it was -10, hadn't snowed in a while, and the giant's ribs were fractured.
Despite that lovely equation- i became hooked.
Couldn't wait to get back and get in those trees.
This time we headed to Sugarbush in the middle of March- the giant, robot, and me.
Bare with me, it was a couple of months ago and my memory is, well.......

 Last season the snow gods were with me. This case was no different. We arrived with 10 reported inches waiting for us.

As you can see from this pic of robot's snow angel this 10" wasn't always 10". And there wasn't much of a base under that 10" in many places in the trees. 
 But we found those stashes......

me   photo- the giant

me   photo- the giant

We spent most of our time on Lincoln Peak hiking over to Castlerock or dropping those trees before.

Don't laugh at that 3,812' vert, west coasters. It can get gnarly in there. Steep with some serious bushwacking.  And i have a "this looks like a good line" way of looking at things that tends to ruin boards.
As you can see in this pic. of the giant exiting a line that i promised he would fit in.

Sugarbush doesn't groom a lot. i love that- like it raw. And this is mega rad- they don't run the Castlerock lift. (i'm not sure about ever, but some locals said never) So, you have to hike to get to it. Which means more stashes



 robot had such an excellent time. He bought the end of the season pass and stayed.

Big thanks to Ride Vermont for the lift tickets. Also big thanks to Chestnut Mountain Productions for the tickets to the Warren Miller flick where we got Sugarbush tickets.


Today was just the worst
stupid snowboarding
hate it so much
Jay Peak

jay me 2_28_13.png

me  (photo- the giant)

the giant

yuko  (photo- the giant)




Here are some pictures of Peter J. Sullivan III sending it at Mountain Creek (NJ) yesterday before our CHILL session.

photo 1 (1).JPG

straight to this dudes dome


melissa's doppelgaper

melissa's doppelgaper

When you’ve been doing something for a while and you look back on the beginning- its always feels like “Wow, how is it possible that I even learned to do this?.”
Like, when I was learning to drive in New York  (vs potato country) and I used to slam Lil Mo into the windshield when I would stomp on the brake, thinking it was the clutch (in my defense I only learned how to drive on old jeeps).

Or, Like
 when I was in Miami and I tried to drive on an overpass bridge while it was going up.

 I only hit fruit trucks that don’t matter.
Learning is awesome.


Here are some more gory learning stories told by the lovely Melissa and Ryan Baker.


Melissa’s tale comes to us from Magic Mountain in the South Hills of Idaho. She and her friend Lauren rode the bus up to the hill alone, understanding that parents just get in the way.

 Lauren had skied most of her 14 years but was ready to make the switch and learn how to ride. It was not big deal really- Melissa was there to explain it all, snowboarding isn't hard, duh...
 They scoffed at the bunny hill and all those people on it, learning to do stuff- and in true gaper fashion took the lift to the top of the big bad hill.

After watching Lauren groom half of the hill on her heelside, Melissa could not longer take it.
She explained that a snowboard has two edges and Lauren needed to get off her heels and on to her toeside.
The solution?
They would hold hands and synchronize snowboard.

All Lauren had to do was turn around Melissa, facing the mountain on a new edge in a new direction, on a 25 degree slope.


Lauren- ate it.

Melissa in true teaching form- ran over her new student.
Leaving Lauren’s arm with a new tattoo, displaying the edge work of a properly made turn.


Next up we have Ryan Baker with

(when reading this story to yourself please make sure your voice breaks like a 13 year old boy, so you can get the full effect of Ryan’s voice)

This story is about my dad, 55 year old man, that I got on a snowboard a few years ago.

When talking my Dad into making the switch from skiing to snowboarding I was honestly worried the guy was going to kill himself.  Watching him ride, made me understand the fear parents have watching their kids doing thing that could possibly cause them bodily harm.

With that being said, I tried to talk him into getting a helmet, which he shrugged off, being the macho guy he is...

He picked up riding pretty well and somehow avoided injury in the process. After a pretty solid run, or rather plowing down on his heelside edge, Pops was at the base of the hill unstrapping ready for some apres ski drinks.

While unstrapping, his lace clip on his pants caught his binding when he lifted his foot up from the board.  This caused him to hop backwards a few times trying to catch his balance-  finally toppling over backwards.

  Luckily for him, a cement support was right there to cushion his head after his graceful ballerina type fall. 

Pops split his head open.

He luckily didn't require any stitches, just a few butterfly band-aids.

Moral of the story, no matter how big your balls or ego are, wear a helmet.

baker's doppelgaper

baker's doppelgaper


January is Learn to Snowboard and Ski month in America- maybe in other countries too, but since the internet only talks about America I have no idea. Most resorts have some sort of Learn to Ski deal; some even have deals on tickets if you bring a never/ever (newbie) to the hill. So, now might finally be time to take the girlfriend (boyfriend) or the friend that pays for stuff.

 On Thursday’s of this month I will share some learning and teaching stories of my associates and myself.

We start off with a classic, near death experience.


 This is why never/evers should take lessons and not be left at the mercy of their
This story was told to me by two of my closest friends, two tough ass Staten Island girls. They are very knowledgeable of all things football, baseball, basketball, gambling and medically related- they are not, however, very knowledgeable of mountain life.

The scene begins on a local hill in the Catskills- Hunter Mountain.
Pan in on two couples.

 Jenna and Loretta have been skiing a couple of times in the past. Loretta has the most experience of the two. They have brought their brother and sister in-law to the hill for a nice little skiing time.  Jennie and Frankie have never skied before.
Jenna and Frankie get on the lift together and then Loretta and Jennie get on the chair behind them.

Flashback to earlier in the day, on the ride up from the city.

Jennie, nervous for the fate that awaits her asks, “ What happens if you don’t get off the lift?”

  “You die.” Says Loretta.

Now- Jenna and Frankie believe that Loretta is joking- but Jennie believes that you will die. And Loretta believes that you will die. No one has ever told her otherwise. Logically in her head, the top of the lift is the end. If you continue on that chairlift journey you will simply die.

Pan back to the couples on the lift.

Jenna and Frankie get off the lift with little complication.
 Loretta leaps off the lift- as she always does- leaping from death, smashing her head on the ground.
Jennie stays on- clinging to the chair.
The chair turns to go back down the hill.
Loretta, frantically writhing on the ground begins screaming, “Jump off! Jump off! You’re gonna die!!!
The liftie stops the lift-
comes out of the booth and is like, “Dude- Stop Screaming- she’s not gonna die- Stop Screaming!”
Jennie spazes out and jumps off the lift- totally wiping out.

 Later, Loretta learns she has given herself a concussion.

There’s a first time for everyone……
Loretta now knows that you do not die if you stay on the lift- they can actually stop the lift and they usually do when she gets off- she just never noticed.
Every time I hear this story I die- it’s so funny.

gaper rach takes of gaper marys ski.png


I have been seriously slacking on the snowboarding posts. Stupid forgetting brain. Here is the return of the snow stories.

Last January the Giant and I went to Jay Peak with Zims and Yuko.

                                                         photo Zims78  

                                                         photo Zims78  

It was a little cold, like it was never above -5.
The East never really got any snow last year. Jay always gets the most snow in VT, because it's magic there. We got a little treat for our trip (16" was a big big deal last season).

We were there for four days.  
We stayed in the awesome houses of Shéady Acres

                                            photo- Zims78

                                            photo- Zims78

Zims and Yuko stayed in The Tea House.

                                                        photo- Zims78

                                                        photo- Zims78

The Giant and I stayed in The Adobe. These houses are fantastic- built and operated by a true riding family. See more here

We rode the glades at Jay, staying away from the howling wind. Trees in the East can go fast, a little different from the West, where you pick your own line and float along. Here you bend your knees and take the crazy roller coaster bumps.

Zims seems to manage just fine......

                                                 photo- Zims78

                                                 photo- Zims78

Yuko- the silent killa

It's crazy to look at older pic.s of the Giant riding. By the end of last season he was killin' it- hitting cornices straight on an everyting. I see photos of footage like this and remember that it's only his third season. Man did he have a good teacher.

Well Jay, missing you terribly. We learned a lot and became better people.
not really........

zims down


me getting ready for snow

me getting ready for snow

The season pass that the Giant won at the TGR premiere has kept us riding blue (ice) pretty much all season.
Its been rad, but different- I seem to have developed a park problem.
Except for the four days in Targhee and Jay I have yet to feel the fluff

me hiking above Ramshead.

me hiking above Ramshead.

We hear tales of inches falling in VT.
Could this be so?
I mean snow is so last season- right?

We arrive Saturday morning to five inches- which is like two feet compared to what we've been getting.
The first drop into Killington trees of the season is made.

Its like a whole different mountain.
So many lines- the possibilities are endless.
Still lots of snow snakes and hidden jagger's
We collect core shots



I began to morph out of my recently developed park rat self as it continues to snow. By Sunday I have no desire to hit the stash or the pipe.
All I can think about is trees.
It's good to be back..............


"I went to go visit my brother in Jackson with dreams of being a pro snowboarder. I left wanting to be a dishwasher and ride the mountain everyday"

As some of you know- he's my total favorite and I have been known to stalk him in New York and Wyoming. Not really in a serial killer stalking manner, but more like a 16 year old girl stalking manner. You know; I talk about him like I know him calling him Jeremy instead of Mr. Jones, I ride after him in Targhee and then hide and giggle uncontrollably when he turns around, I make stuff with his hair. You know, normal stuff.

So (thanks to Yuko) I was there when Jeremy showed some pieces of his upcoming film "Further" and spoke at the Patagonia Store in SOHO.  We saw some beautiful footage from Japan and Wyoming. Jeremy talked about his experiences and how important it is to respect the mountain. "Further" is promised to be an extension of "Deeper". Massive mountains with little human contact. Split boards and skinning. Beautiful drool inducing lines.
I can't wait.

Jones Snowboards made a 154 and a 158 split board this year and women's split boards are on their way. Come on fatties- lets hike.

Thanks POW  partners Alomos for the wine (which enabled us to do this later). Alomos is giving away memberships to POW with a keyword to the first 1,000 people. I tried to sign up- but I couldn't figure it out (small brain problem).

Jeremy does a lot of stuff, a lot of quality stuff, so show your support.

photo- Amy Klein