Hello precious Gapes! In honor of Fashion Week we are bringing you some fierce fabulous all stars. 

These doppelgapers are perfecting the matchy-matchy jumpsuit retro look and we just are loving it. Remember you get double points for not being able to bend over.

Sun Valley- ID

This next Gaper can see into gaper future and clear glasses are it. 

Mountain Creek- NJ   photo- Buewho

This power couple from GaperGram is working it. They are doing absolutely everything that can be done here. We are speechless. 

Don't think that Gaping can only be done on the hill. See this grown man? He's wearing tighter pants than his girlfriend. So Gapalicios. 

Chinatown- NYC

Alright everyone, see you next week and we'll be bringing that Gape. 

Written by the Doppelgapers

Gape The World!