In the spirit of Halloween I repost Doppelgaper Mary.
A truly terrifying creature.

Something very frighting has been happening on hills across the earth. Doppelgapers have been appearing everywhere. Now a doppelgånger (a paranormal double of a living person, typically representing evil or misfortune) is terrifying enough- but a doppelgaper can ruin your life. People see this Gaper, gaping about the hill and they believe it is you. Your reputation is ruined and basically people start trying to kill you. No one is willing to acknowledge that this is becoming a serious problem so I have taken it upon myself to document this atrocity.

In this upcoming very serious video I have captured my little sister Mary's Doppelgaper. This Doppelgaper seems to be a jumpsuit pseudo shredder. You know, the kind that pushes every turn? Reminds me of "stupid sexy Flanders" from the Simpsons. (