So, there's this thing that people do on their cellular phones called Four Square, and as far as I can tell it doesn't involve balls or standing in squares. What it does involve is telling your cellular phone where you are all the time - like it's your mom and it cares.
After you go somewhere again and again and again you become the mayor, prison doesn't count, and you rule that very little place in the world in your mind.
Now, Foursquare does not stand up in court- you can't just have stuff when you go places because you are the mayor.
In fact it doesn't really mean anything and I am embarrassed I spent so much time researching it, but I did find the highest decorated mayors in all the land..... and of course- they are GAPERS.........

mayors of Sun Valley

mayor of mcdonalds  photo Consuala

mayor of New York   photo-D