the gape.jpg

It is now time to introduce the Gaper.

What defines a gaper? Well a gaper is totally unaware of their surroundings. They seem astonished that they are on the snow; confused about how they got there. They show no emotions and are usually adults. The name gaper came from the goggle gap, and the individuals ability to gape at the mountain and their surroundings. Also in some cultures, it refers to a
gaping vagina.
A gaper is usually a mute, maybe not in real life, but once they put their equipment on, they become silent. Perhaps it's the sheer effort of gaping, perhaps it's the elite nature of the gaper, they want nothing to do with the common man. They can almost fit in with the locals, they have the right gear and the right equipment. But the way to identify the common gaper is their speed, they move with the swiftness and intelligence of a mentally challenged turtle. They travel against the mountain, that is, they turn up the hill. In line they intimadate others by running over people's skis and implementing the loss of leg muscle technique. One might mistake this as falling or being uncoordinated- do not be confused- this is the way of the gaper.
We are not mocking beginners, we are mocking the gape and the gapers inability to be aware of their surroundings