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Gape The World.


Dearest Gapes!

We are ever so sorry we left you without the Gape tips for a whole year. We thought we were transported into a different dimension to save the world, but it turns out we just got dropped off at a nursing home.

We are so happy to be back!

Let's start the season off with a different take on the Gaper gap. Every Gaper knows how to bare the forehead, but what about the crack? Gaps everywhere should be encouraged - mouth breathers unite.

sun valley crack

sun valley crack

This next tip might be obvious to the seasoned Gape, but it's terribly important. We know it's hard when everyone is zooming around you on their shred sticks, but that's not what it's about! Remember to take off your equipment and just wander around in the middle of the run. You owe it to yourself.

Mt Bachelor all stars

Mt Bachelor all stars

This photo was proudly shared with us from the Gape twins of Sun Valley. We love everything about this. Languid lounging while being filmed by the helmet gopro. Excellent. Try this in the landing of a jump!

two lie sv edit.jpg

Ta ta for now - darlings.

We are off to turn down our din, and put stomp pads on everything!

Love The Doppelgapers.

Gape The World

Billin' in Balerado

billin in balerado elevated locals

This is a public service announcement. We recently visited ColoRADo and learned that Bloods run the whole ski industry. Balerado be billin'. Ya heard? Break you off somthin'.

lettin em know

lettin em know

Blue square runs have been replaced wif red boxes.

they decide who's ride or die

they decide who's ride or die

The resorts are always bombing. 

billin in balerado elevated locals

Ski school has been renamed- Blood Drop Basics.

straight grillin

straight grillin

All ATMS say United Blood Nation.

seconds later this bloodette punched the little crip kid in the back of the head

seconds later this bloodette punched the little crip kid in the back of the head

Lock N Load handshakes are given with every $165 lift ticket. 

avert your eyes gypsy! 

avert your eyes gypsy! 

and we aren't even gonna tell you what they do to secret powder stash snitches.

blood trumps storm trooper 

blood trumps storm trooper 

stay safe out there!


Doppelgaper el squat at Mammoth 

Bonjour Gapes!

Today we have a thrilling video that captures one of the ever elusive Gape Holes, full of sucking power. If you know any of the old Gaper tales, you must know that one should always be in search of a Gape Hole. Once you are sucked into one of these sensational holes your Gaper power increases tenfold. This one, found by Doppelgaper el squat at Mammoth is a gem. 

 We are inspired up in here at the Doppelgaper office! It doesn't matter that it's summer in the Northern Hemisphere (the top of the world). We believe in you gapes! Go out and find your own hole to get sucked into.

brought to you by The Doppelgapers

Gape The World


Good day Gapes! Here at the Doppelgaper office we put together a splendid montage of all you onesie Gapers we saw out there at Mammoth at the beginning of the month. This should get your hearts racing! 

Wasn't that something! Ok, well it's spring, the perfect time for you to lie around in the middle of the run! See you next week.

brought to you by The Doppelgapers

Gape The World!


Aloha Gapes!

We have a special treat for you today, an advanced Gaper tutorial! We know some of you are still working on the beginning Gape moves, but this is for inspiration!

Here is a pro Gape doing some truly refined Gaping. This Gape ventured off into the woods where no one can help her. Then she landed an awesomely large log and dealt with it accordingly. Gapealicious.

This could be you one day! 

written by the doppelgapers

Gape The World!


Greetings Gapes! We come to you from sunny Mammoth, California. We were told that it never snows here- so we came for a vacation. Alas, it did snow, but don't worry we have been working hard to ruin all the powder. Remember gapers, we hate powder! Here are some excellent Gape moves from The Golden State. 

The move that shows that you mean business is the racer squat. This should be done on a flat cat track or a magic carpet. Push your butt out and stick your poles up like antennas. As always, anything Gape is best executed with an iridescent jumpsuit. 

If you feel like the racer squat is too flashy for you, try the gorilla gape. This can be done anywhere. You will not need your poles. Just hunch your shoulders forward while doing the pizza and let your hands hang. 

The next move is for the flamboyant Gape. Put on your darling little ski blades and practice ballet all over! This is best done in crowded areas.

Get out there and put your Gape moves on!

written by the doppelgapers

Gape The World!


Hello darling Gapes! We have been watching, and we see you all doing marvelous work. Now for this weeks tip- GET IT OFF!

 A true Gaper just gets it off. Take off those skis, take off your board, just get it off! 

If you are lost and need to look at the trail map

Snowbird (UT) 4/13

get that board off!

Need to have a life changing conversation in the middle of a run?

Snowbird (UT) 4/14

Get those skis off!

Wanna just ride the lift all day? Down and up?

Sun Valley (ID) 4/14

Take off those skis first!

We know this seems so simple, but sometimes it can just slip a Gaper's mind. This is our weekly challenge: We want to see each and every one of you gapes, out there- just getting it off.

written by the doppelgapers

Gape The World


Hello precious Gapes! In honor of Fashion Week we are bringing you some fierce fabulous all stars. 

These doppelgapers are perfecting the matchy-matchy jumpsuit retro look and we just are loving it. Remember you get double points for not being able to bend over.

Sun Valley- ID

This next Gaper can see into gaper future and clear glasses are it. 

Mountain Creek- NJ   photo- Buewho

This power couple from GaperGram is working it. They are doing absolutely everything that can be done here. We are speechless. 

Don't think that Gaping can only be done on the hill. See this grown man? He's wearing tighter pants than his girlfriend. So Gapalicios. 

Chinatown- NYC

Alright everyone, see you next week and we'll be bringing that Gape. 

Written by the Doppelgapers

Gape The World!


Hello dearest Gapers!

 First off, we have a total pro Gaper coming to you from Gore Mountain (NY). This tenacious Gaper is an inspiration to us all. The commitment of the Gape is astounding! This Gaper took off his skis, put them together (which we don't normally recommend), and then just SAT in the middle of the run. Who knows how long this pro made it? We can't do anything, but cheer. We made a video, because a photo just wouldn't do the unwavering Gaper justice.  

Wasn't that superb?

Next is a Gaper that follows the checklist. Jeans? Check. Late to the hill? Check. Skis put together wrong? Check. 

Gore Mountain (NY)

The last Gaper of the week shows some originality. He brings his poles with him everywhere he goes! He always leaves his Go Pro on! Great ideas. We love it.

Mountain Creek (NJ)

Mountain Creek (NJ)

written by the doppelgapers

Gape the World!


East Coast Gapers of the tristate area, we salute you! You have just been doing a marvelous job not wearing your skis! Let's show you some caliber Gapers.

This considerate Mountain Creek (NJ) Gaper is carrying both pairs of skis so that her fellow Gaper can butt scoot. We love the butt scoot. It just doesn't get done enough. In fact, we declare this the Season of the Butt Scoot!

Next we have a dangerous move. The Gaper standoff. This is where the dominate Gaper takes off it's skis and refuses to move until the less important Gaper also takes off it's skis. This is tricky. You have to want it!

Belleayre- NY

Don't be sad west coast Gapers, we have not forgotten you! Below, this Sun Valley Gaper shows intense commitment. It sits in it's snow chair for hours after this picture was taken. It wouldn't even tell it's dad where it's skis were! We applaud you snow chair Gaper!

photo el squat

written by the doppelgapers

Gape The World!


The Doppelgapers have taken over this section of elevated locals. We will now be giving weekly Gaping tips; helping you be the best Gaper you can be. Remember everyone, always be in the way! Together we can Gape The World!

1st tip is brought to you by a fabulous Gaper at Belleayre (NY):

Hike the hill carrying your skis! 

Find a trail that is too hard for you. Give up and take your skis off. Hike up or down the hill. Take your time!

This next one is really exciting for us, long time Gaper Hilary Duff shows everyone that there's no need to put your skis on- just lie in the snow!

el squat's doppelgaper tries this move out at Pomerelle (ID). Success! 

taken by blankat

Finally make sure to always carry your skis with the tips down (shown here by this elegant Gore Mountain Gaper) You don't want to stab someone!

OK fellow Gapes. See you next week! Remember the landing of a jump is a great place to rest!


there is a reason that this sign is here.....
i have imagined the many scenarios that lead to Steamboat putting up this sign for you to read before you get on their ganjula.
There must have been many bloody gaper faces and broken heels.


NOTICE! high heels tend to catch in floor mat.


It was another powder day at the bird a week an a half ago. While getting on the Gad II lift i spotted a guy with one ski and two legs. He was acting like this was something to do. A local was like "Do you know where your other ski is?" One ski was like "Nope, but i know what i'm doing." Local was like "Where did you lose your ski?" One ski was like "I don't know." Local was like "Are you going to go look for it?" One ski was like "no I'll just use this one. i know what i'm doing." Local was like "where are you from?"
One ski replied "Florida"

(one ski on the lift- Snowbird UT)

(one ski on the lift- Snowbird UT)